7 Ways You Can Leverage Social Media For Your Ecommerce Business

Social media is extremely popular when it comes to the business of e-commerce. According to oberlo statistics, 54% of people search for a product on social media. Therefore, an e-commerce business must have a prominent online presence on various social media platforms.

Although many companies are still at the back of the social media race, companies that are not present on social media are missing a great opportunity to drive traffic, attract customers, and drive sales.

Ways You Can Leverage Social Media For Your Ecommerce Business

Social media users are growing day by day. For an e-commerce business, it is extremely important to generate traffic to your website and attract customers. However, social media can help you achieve this. But all online businesses are testing their practical social media. So the competition is getting bigger and bigger. Here the question arises, how to stay ahead in the game?

To stay ahead in the social media race and get your strong presence, here are the tactics to leverage social media for your ecommerce business. Before that, let’s find out the importance of social media and top social media platforms for e-commerce businesses.

Why is social media important for e-commerce?

Social networks for e-commerce are used to advertise products. It helps to create brand awareness, attract customers and generate sales. Check out the following benefits of social media for ecommerce businesses.

  • Engaging customers online
  • Capture clients casually
  • Increase your online reach
  • Make your brand known online

Top Social Media Platforms for Ecommerce Businesses


Facebook is the starting point for all e-commerce businesses. It has almost 2.6 billion active users, which means that some of your potential customers are active there.

If you haven’t created your Facebook profile yet, you’re missing out on a lot. Start by sharing photos, advertising, and linking important pages on your site that you want customers to reach.


Instagram is another platform, basically used to share photos of your products. Instagram has more than 500 billion users, so it is obvious that your potential customers are active on the platform. Online merchants can also create posts that can be bought on Instagram and tag the products.

Instagram for shopping Posts greatly simplify the buying process for sellers on Instagram.


Twitter is another platform that has 330 million monthly active users. Sharing information and linking pages from your site is a great way to take advantage of the platform and generate traffic.

It is also great for the customer experience. Connecting with customers directly and responding to them is a great way to build relationships with your customers. You can also run advertising campaigns on Twitter and attract customers.


LinkedIn is a professional platform and a perfect platform for B2B organizations. It has 772 million active users. Sharing valuable information about your products and services is an effective way to drive traffic to your e-commerce site. Ecommerce business owners can join communities and groups on LinkedIn to share information and reach more people.


If your target audience is young, Snapchat is the best platform for you. There are more than 101 million active users of the platform. It’s a great way to share your behind-the-scenes photos of the company. But only a few marketers use the platform. Therefore, it is the best time to start with the platform and stay ahead of your competitors.


Pinterest is an image-based platform, perfect for sharing photos. The platform has 442 million active users, a supreme place for marketers to sell their products. “Shop the Look” is a new feature on Pinterest that allows customers to shop directly from the platform.


YouTube is a video marketing tool with 2 billion active users. There is nothing you cannot find on YouTube. It even has the answer to How to Drink Water. This means that people search for every detail on YouTube. Your product can be the following. Uploading a video of your products and tutorials on how to use them will result in increased traffic to your site.

What will you do to leverage social media for your ecommerce business?

  • Keep your customers happy

Keeping customers happy is one of the best ways to use social media for your ecommerce business. Happy customers are the flag of your business and a fan for life.

Customers feel optimistic when buying from you if they know that their problems and problems are quickly fixed.

Handling customer issues through social media has an added benefit of letting customers know that you go the extra mile to serve them.

Social media platforms are powerful tools for building relationships with your customers. Responding to users’ queries makes them feel that they are being attended to in a timely manner. Satisfied customers will also result in good word of mouth on social platforms. In this way, your e-commerce business will reach more and more users.

Your social media channels are the best way for users to get to know you a little better. Knowing that you can build user trust in your brand and they will become your customers in the future. You can tell your brand stories so that people understand you better. Another way for people to get to know your ecommerce business is by revealing the faces of your brand heroes. It will make your brand friendly to social media users.

Now that your users know you deeply, it’s time to engage with them. Creating user-generated content is a great way to engage with your customers. Appreciate users by presenting the content they share. You also need to share high-quality content, useful content, and entertaining content.

  • Optimize social media posts

Follow the trend of social media. Sharing posts that are tailored to the platform is especially beneficial in attracting the relevant type of users. Be on the lookout for the market trend and what your competitors are up to on social media.

Use the incredible features that the platform offers to welcome more business. Stay up-to-date with new platform updates and features so you don’t miss any focus on reaching your customers.

Conduct keyword research including images and videos in your social media posts.

  • Invest in paid advertising

There are numerous advertising opportunities when it comes to social media. Social media advertising for your e-commerce business helps target users who are interested in your products. Social media influencers are the ones that people follow to learn about new trends and what they use. Collaborating with social media influencers in your field is another way to expand your reach.

  • Follow the 3S: steady, short and sweet

Be sure to follow the 3S: steady, short, and sweet. Be consistent in your posts. Sharing unusual posts will lead to loss of customer interest in your brand. Long content is less likely to get more views.

Create content that gets users to act quickly with short, engaging information. Nobody prefers to read more extensive content and they don’t even have that much time. Therefore, your posts should cut to the chase.


Social media is a big part of everyone’s life. Therefore, it is the best way to spread your brand name, generate sales and attract a loyal following. Use the tactics mentioned above to take advantage of social media for your ecommerce business to gain insight, traffic, and sales.

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