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The live audio app recently launched by Spotify and its rival Clubhouse, Spotify GreenroomYou have a long way to go if you want to take on the major social audio platforms like Clubhouse, Airtime, Spoon, and others, not to mention the major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. To date, the new Greenroom app has only been downloaded a total of 141,000 times on iOS, according to data from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower. This includes downloads of its previous version, Locker Room, a Spotify application. acquired to make your move in live audio.

On Android, Google Play data indicates The app has been installed over 100,000 times, but Sensor Tower cannot yet confirm this.

For comparison, Clubhouse today has 30.2 million total installs, 18.7 million of which are on iOS, says Sensor Tower.

Other major audio apps include Airtime, with 11.4 million iOS installations, out of a total of 14.3 million (including Android); and Spoon, with 7.6 million iOS installations, out of a total of 27.3 million.

International apps like Yalla from the United Arab Emirates and Lizhi from China are massive too, with 48.1 sports venues in total, 3.8 million of which are on iOS. The latter has more than 29.5 million total installs, but only a few on iOS.

There are other newcomers who have managed to claim smaller claims in the social audio space as well, including Fishbowl (759,000 installations in total), Cappuccino (497,000 installations), Riff (339,000 installations) and Sonar (154,000 installations).

Image credits: Sensor tower. The firm analyzed 34 social audio applications. The graph shows those with the most facilities.

Meanwhile, the launch of Spotify Greenroom last month appears to have attracted only a small fraction of Spotify’s larger user base, which now grown to 365 million monthly active users.

The majority of Greenroom installations, around 106,000, were carried out after Greenroom’s official launch from July 16, 2021 to July 25, 2021, says Sensor Tower. Counting only its Greenroom installs, the app ranks 12th among social audio apps. Follow Tin Can, which has garnered 127,000 installs since its launch in early March.

Because Greenroom took over the Locker Room install base, a portion of Greenroom’s total iOS installs (141K) included downloads that occurred when the app was still Locker Room. But that number is quite small. Sensor Tower estimates that the Locker Room saw only about 35,000 total iOS installs to date. That includes the time frame of October 26, 2020, the month that the sports chat app released to the public – until the day before Greenroom’s debut (July 15, 2021).

We should also point out that downloads are not the same as registered users, and are well below active users. Many people download a new app to try it out, but then quit shortly after downloading it, or never remember to open it.

That means the number of people actively using Greenroom right now is probably much less than these figures indicate.

Spotify declined to comment on third-party estimates.

While Sensor Tower looked at the competition in social audio apps in the app stores, Spotify’s competition in the live audio market won’t be limited to standalone apps, of course.

Other big tech platforms have also recently integrated social audio into their apps, including Facebook (Live audio rooms), Twitter (Spaces), Discord (Stage channels) and commercial application Public. A comparison with Greenroom is not possible here, as these companies would have to disclose how many of their active users are interacting with live audio, and have not done so yet.

Despite what may be slower assimilation, Greenroom shouldn’t be ruled out just yet. The application is new and has time to catch up if all goes well. (And if the live audio market, in general, continues to grow, despite the heyday of Covid lockdowns, which sparked all this live audio socializing in the first place, it seems to have passed.)

Spotify’s success or failure with live audio will be particularly interesting to watch given the company’s potential to promote live audio shows, events, and artist-produced content through its flagship music streaming app. However, it is still unknown what kind of programming Greenroom may include later on.

Following Spotify acquisition from costume designer Betty Labs, the company said it would launch scheduled content related to music, culture and entertainment, in addition to sports. He also launched a Creators Fund to help feed the app with new content.

But so far, Spotify hasn’t given its users a huge incentive to visit Greenroom.

The company, during your second quarter 2021 earningsexplained why. He said he first needed to stabilize Greenroom for an “audience the size of Spotify,” which is why he launched the app in June. In the future, Spotify says there will be “more links” to the main Spotify application, but did not offer any details.

“Obviously, we will leverage our existing distribution on Spotify,” Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said. “But this feels like a great way to learn, experiment and iterate, much faster than if we had to wait for full integration into the main application,” he added.

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