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In recent years, robotic automation of processes or RPA has been red hot with tons of investment activity and mergers and acquisitions of companies such as SAP, IBM and ServiceNow. UIPath had a major initial public offering in April and it has a market capitalization of more than $ 30 billion. I wondered when Salesforce would get involved and today the company dived into the RPA group, announcing your intention buy the German company RPA Servicetrace.

Salesforce intends to make Servicetrace part of Mulesoft, the company bought in 2018 for $ 6.5 billion. The companies do not disclose the purchase price, which suggests that it is a much lower deal. When Servicetrace is in the fold, it should fit in well with Mulesoft’s API integration, helping to add an automation layer to Mulesoft’s toolkit.

“With the addition of Servicetrace, MuleSoft will be able to offer a leading unified integration, API management and RPA platform, which will further enrich Salesforce Customer 360, allowing organizations to offer connected experiences from anywhere. The new RPA capabilities will enhance Salesforce’s Einstein Automate solution, enabling end-to-end workflow automation on any system for Service, Sales, Industries and more, ”wrote Brent Hayward, CEO of Mulesoft. in a blog post announcing the deal.

While Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence layer, gives companies with more modern tools the ability to automate certain tasks, RPA accommodates more legacy operations, and this acquisition could be another step to help Salesforce close the gap. among the oldest and oldest local tools. modern cloud software.

Brent Leary, Founder and Principal Analyst at CRM Essentials says it brings another dimension to Salesforce’s digital transformation tools. “Salesforce wasted no time moving to the next acquisition after closing your biggest purchase with Slack. But automation of processes and workflows driven by real-time data from a growing variety of sources is becoming a key to finding success with digital transformation. And this adds a critical piece to that puzzle for Salesforce / MulseSoft, ”he said.

While Salesforce appears to be entering the market late, in an investor survey we published in May Laela Sturdy, General Partner at CapitalG, told us that, so far, we are only scratching the surface when it comes to RPA potential.

“We are far from having to think about the maturation of the space. In fact, the adoption of RPA is still in its infancy considering its immense potential. Most companies are only now beginning to explore the many use cases that exist across industries. The more companies dive into RPA, the more use cases they envision, ”Sturdy responded in the survey.

Servicetrace was founded in 2004, long before the notion of RPA existed. Neither Crunchbase nor Pitchbook show money raised, but the website suggests a mature company with a rich set of products. Clients include Fujitsu, Siemens, Merck, and Deutsche Telekom.

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