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Twitter Announced Today it is partnering with news organizations The Associated Press (AP) and Reuters to expand its efforts focused on highlighting trusted news and information on its platform. Through the new agreements, the Twitter curation team will be able to leverage the expertise of partner organizations to add more context to the news and trends circulating on Twitter, as well as assist with the use of public service announcements by the organization. company during high visibility events. misinformation labels and more.

The curation team is currently working to add additional information to content including top trends and other news on Twitter’s Explore tab. The team is also involved in how certain search results are ranked, to ensure that high-quality search content appears at the top of search results when searching for certain keywords or hashtags on Twitter.

The team may also be involved with prompts on the Explore tab of the Start Timeline related to major events, such as public health emergencies (such as the pandemic) or other events, such as elections. And they can help with misinformation tags that appear in tweets that may remain visible on Twitter, but are tagged with informational context from authoritative sources. These include tweets that violate Twitter’s rules on manipulated media, electoral integrity, or COVID-19.

However, the team operates separately from the Twitter Trust and Safety team, which determines when tweets violate Twitter guidelines and punitive measures such as removal or bans should be taken, Twitter confirmed that neither AP nor Reuters will participate in those kinds of enforcement decisions. .

By working more directly with AP and Reuters, who also partner with Facebook on fact-checks, Twitter says it will be able to increase the speed and scale at which it can add this additional information to tweets and elsewhere on its platform. In particular, that means that in times when the news is breaking news and when the facts are in dispute as a story emerges, the Twitter team itself will be able to quickly turn to these more trusted sources to improve how it is handled. adds contextual information to conversations that take place on Twitter. .

This could also be helpful in preventing misinformation from going viral, rather than waiting until after the fact to correct misleading tweets.

Twitter’s new collaborative fact-checking system Bird watching It will also leverage comments from AP and Reuters to help determine the quality of information shared by Birdwatch participants.

The work will see the curation team working with news organizations not only to add context to stories and conversations, but also to help identify which stories need added context, Twitter told us. This added context could appear in many different places on Twitter, including in tweets, search, Explore, and selected selections, called Twitter Moments.

Twitter has often had trouble handling misinformation on its platform due to its real-time nature and use by high-profile figures, who try to manipulate the truth for their own purposes. To date, you have experimented with many functions to slow or stop the spread of misinformation from disable one-click retweets, to adding fact checks, to ban accounts and more. Birdwatch is the latest effort to add context to tweets, but the system is a decentralized attempt to handle misinformation, not one that relies on trusted partners.

“AP has a long history of working closely with Twitter, along with other platforms, to expand the reach of factual journalism,” said Tom Januszewski, AP vice president of Global Business Development, in a statement about the new agreement. “This work is fundamental to our mission. We are particularly excited about taking advantage of the AP’s scale and speed to add context to online conversations, which can benefit from easy access to the facts, ”he said.

“Trust, accuracy and fairness are at the heart of what Reuters does every day, providing billions of people with the information they need to make smart decisions,” added Hazel Baker, Director of UGC Newsgathering at Reuters. “Those values ​​also drive our commitment to stopping the spread of misinformation. We are excited to partner with Twitter to leverage our deep global and local expertise to serve the public conversation with trusted information, ”said Baker.

Collaborations will initially focus on English content on Twitter, but the company says it expects the work to grow over time to support more languages ​​and time zones. We are told that, during this initial phase, Twitter will evaluate new opportunities to onboard contributors who can support additional languages.

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