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During the heat of the pandemic last year, the online food delivery company DoorDash expanded its offerings to include convenience store delivery. Now, DoorDash customers in the US and Canada can shop across multiple stores and categories in one order.

With DoubleDash, as the program is called, customers can now add a pad Thai dinner, some tampons, and ice cream from the local 7-Eleven to their order. In most cases, everything will be received by the same delivery person in one package, allowing customers to waive any additional shipping fees.

The goal for customers is to increase convenience while maintaining price expectations. In the case of local businesses, there is the possibility that a slight prick to the customer while they are hungry and not interested in leaving home will lead to more business. And for DoorDash, this move is another step in making the app the ever-coveted “one-stop-shop” for all things delivery.

Image credits: by Dash

“Since we began offering convenience as a category on DoorDash over a year ago, we have observed that many customers order their food organically at the restaurant and then order another convenience item order within 30 minutes,” Fuad Hannon, Principal DoorDash’s new verticals, he told TechCrunch. “We are always thinking of ways to improve our platform to meet the needs of our customers, and after observing this consumer behavior, we wanted to make this process easier and more affordable for consumers.”

With DoubleDash, after a customer places their original order, an in-app pop-up will lure them in with additional items from nearby stores. Customers can also search for the DoubleDash option on the in-app map to find nearby stores. Depending on the customer’s location and proximity to the merchant, between one and five merchants will appear on the map. Customers can add as much or as little as they want to the second order, as there is no minimum order size.

Delivery workers, or “Dashers,” will be able to collect tips on both the restaurant’s first order and the merchant’s second order, according to the company. Dashers can use DoorDash’s logistics platform to accept both orders at once and deliver them together without straying from the main route, which could increase profits without straying too far out of their way.

This new feature is available with 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Wawa, QuickChek, Ice Cream Shop, and DashMart, a DoorDash grocery and convenience store. DoorDash is also testing the ability to partner local restaurants with DoubleDash in various markets like Los Angeles, Denver, and Portland, so if you want to start with sushi and end with a chocolate cake, it will be a bit cheaper and easier. do it.

“We are excited to be a part of DoorDash’s new effort, DoubleDash, and the opportunity to reach new customers and drive additional sales for our business,” said Benjamin D. Arreola, owner of Señor G’s Fresh & Healthy Mexican Food in Playa Del Rey, California, in a statement.


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