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The digital transformation that is currently plaguing society has probably reached your favorite local restaurant.

Since 2013, Boston-based Toast has provided bars and restaurants with a software platform that enables them to manage orders, payments and deliveries.

Over the past year, your clients have processed more than $ 38 billion in gross payment volume, so Alex Wilhelm analyzed the company’s S-1 for The Exchange with great interest.

“Toast was last valued at just under $ 5 billion when it was last raised, based on data from Crunchbase,” he writes. And people say it could be worth $ 20 billion on its debut. Does that fit the numbers?

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Airbnb, DoorDash and Coinbase debuted at the last Y Combinator Demo Days; As of this writing, they employ a total of 10,000 people.

Today and tomorrow, TechCrunch reporters will cover the proceedings at YC’s Summer Demonstration Day 20201. In addition to writing the founders’ releases, they will also rank their favorites.

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How Amazon EC2 went from being a notion to becoming a fundamental element of cloud computing

Image credits: Ron Miller / TechCrunch

In August 2006, AWS activated its cloud-based EC2 virtual computer, a milestone in the development of the cloud infrastructure giant.

“You really can’t overstate what Amazon was able to accomplish,” writes business reporter Ron Miller.

In the 15 years since then, EC2 has enabled customers of any size to test and run their own applications on AWS virtual machines.

To learn more about a fundamental technological change that “would help power a whole generation of startups,” Ron interviewed EC2 Vice President Dave Brown, who created and led the Amazon EC2 Frontend team.

3 ways to become a better manager in the work-from-home era

Image of a manager talking to his team through a video conference.

Image credits: Jasmin merdan (Opens in a new window)/ Fake images

Most managers agree that OKRs encourage transparency and accountability, but managing a team effectively has different challenges when workers attend hands-free meetings from their kitchen tables.

Rather than simply discussing key metrics before board meetings or performance reviews, make them part of the day-to-day culture, recommends Jeremy Epstein, CMO at Gtmhub.

“Empower your team by creating true workplace transparency using numbers as a universal language and providing meaning behind your team’s work.”

Pre-Launch: 7 Ways to Build Relationships with VCs

A person draws people to his side with a magnet.

Image credits: Getty Images under a Andrii Yalanskyi (Opens in a new window) license

Many founders must overcome some emotional hurdles before they feel comfortable presenting face-to-face with a potential investor.

To ease that pressure, Unicorn Capital founder Evan Fisher recommends that entrepreneurs use pre-launch meetings to build and strengthen relationships before requesting a check:

“This is the ‘we’re not really looking for money; We just want to be friends for now, a speech that puts you on an investor’s radar so that when it’s time to ramp up your next round, they are much more likely to answer the phone because they really know who you are. “

Pre-releases are good for more than just curing nervousness – these conversations help founders get a better idea of ​​how VCs think and sometimes lead to serendipitous results.

“Investors are opportunists out of necessity,” says Fisher, “so if they like to cut the jib of their business, you never know: the FOMO could start kicking hard.”

Lessons From COVID: Flexible Financing Is A Must For Alternative Lenders

Flexible multicolor coil crossover hexagonal frame on white background.

Image credits: MirageC (Opens in a new window) / Fake images

Deeba Goyal and Archita Bhandari of FischerJordan break down the impact of the pandemic on alternative lenders, specifically what they had to do to survive the crisis, looking at smaller lenders like Credibly, Kabbage, Kapitus, and BlueVine.

“Only those who were able to find a way through the complexities of their existing sources of capital were able to maintain their performance, and the rest were left to perish or find new avenues of financing,” they write.

Inside the Freshworks IPO presentation

The S-1 presentation from customer interaction software company Freshworks shows a company experiencing accelerated revenue growth, “a great sign for the health of their business,” Alex Wilhelm reports on The Exchange this morning. .

“Most companies see their growth rates decline as they scale, as the larger denominators hinder growth in percentage terms.”

Studying the company’s SEC filing, he found that “Freshworks is not a company where we have to slash it very loosely, as we might with an adjusted EBITDA number. Will be released ready for Big Kid metrics. “

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