Product managers at Box and Zoom discuss how the changing workplace fueled their latest collaboration – TechCrunch

If the past 18 months are any indication, the nature of the workplace is changing. And while Box and Zoom already have integrations together, it makes sense that they continue to work more closely.

Their latest collaboration is the Box app for Zoom, a new type of product integration that allows users to bring apps to a Zoom meeting to provide the full Box experience.

While in Zoom, users can safely and directly access Box to browse, preview, and share files from within Zoom, even if they are not participating in an active meeting. This new feature follows a Zoom integration box launched last year with its “Recommended Applications” section that allows access to Zoom from within the box so workflows are not interrupted.

The companies’ product managers, Diego Dugatkin with Box and Oded Gal with Zoom, discussed with TechCrunch why seamless partnerships like these are a solution for the changing workplace.

With digitization everywhere, integrating the best products for collaboration is essential, Dugatkin said. Not only that, people don’t want to switch from one app to another, they want to stay in one environment.

“It’s access to content without having to leave the Zoom platform,” he added.

It is also access to content and contacts in different situations. When everyone was in an office, meeting internally at any time was not a challenge. Now more people are realizing the value of flexibility, and both Gal and Dugatkin hope that spending some time at home and some time at the office will not change anytime soon.

As a result, across the spectrum of a business, there is a growing need to allow and even empower people to work from anywhere, Dugatkin said. That then leads to a conversation about how to share documents safely for businesses, enabling this collaboration.

The new Box and Zoom integration makes it possible to meet in a hybrid workplace – chat, video, audio, computers or mobile devices – and also be able to access content from all of those methods, Gal said.

“Companies must be dynamic as people make the decision of how they want to work,” he added. “The digital world is providing that flexibility.”

This long-term partnership is only scratching the surface of the continuous improvement companies have planned, Dugatkin said.

Dugatkin and Gal hope to continue to offer seamless integration before, during and after meetings – using Box’s cloud storage, while also offering the ability to communicate offline between people so they can keep work flowing.

“As Diego said about digitization, we are seeing continuous improved collaboration with the communication aspect of meetings day after day,” added Gal. “Being able to connect between asynchronous and synchronous with Zoom is addressing the future of work and how it is shaping where we are going in the future.”

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