The FBI says Chinese authorities are hacking US-based Uighurs.

the FBI He warned that the Chinese government is using both face-to-face and digital techniques to intimidate, silence and harass Uighur Muslims based in the United States.

The Chinese government has long been accused of human rights abuses for its treatment of the Uighur population and other predominantly Muslim ethnic groups in China’s Xinjiang region. More than a million Uyghurs have been detained in internment camps, according to a United Nations human rights committee and many other Uighurs. have been attacked and hacked by state-backed cyberattacks. China has repeatedly denied the claims.

In recent months, the Chinese government has become increasingly aggressive in its efforts to crack down on foreign critics, including those based in the United States and other Western democracies. These efforts have now caught the attention of the FBI.

On an unclassified newsletter, the FBI warned that officials are using transnational repression, a term that refers to the transgression of national borders by a foreign government through physical and digital means to intimidate or silence members of the diaspora and women. exiled communities, in an attempt to force Uighurs and other Chinese refugees and dissidents, including Tibetans, members of Falun Gong, and activists from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

“Threatened consequences of non-compliance typically include the arrest of family members or friends of a US-based person in China, the seizure of China-based assets, sustained in-person and digital harassment, attempts by the Chinese government of forcing repatriation, hacking and digital attacks, and misrepresentation online, ”warns the FBI bulletin.

The newsletter was reported by IPVM video surveillance news site.

The FBI highlighted four cases of US-based individuals facing harassment. In a June case, the Chinese government jailed dozens of relatives of six US-based Uighur journalists in retaliation for their continued reporting on China and its crackdown on Uyghurs for the US government-funded Radio Free Asia news service. . The bulletin said that between 2019 and March 2021, Chinese officials used WeChat to call and text a US-based Uighur to dissuade her from publicly discussing Uighur mistreatment. Subsequently, the members of this person’s family were detained in the Xinjiang Detention Camps.

“The Chinese government continues to carry out this activity, even as the US government has sanctioned Chinese officials and increased public and diplomatic messages to counter China’s human rights and democratic abuses in Xinjiang over the past year,” states the FBI. “This transnational repressive activity violates US law and individual rights.

The FBI has urged US law enforcement personnel, as well as the general public, to report any alleged incidents of harassment by the Chinese government.

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