For Cupper fans: choose the Achedaway Cupper

I was SO excited to get the Achedaway Cupper and couldn’t wait to use it. I like to read all the instructions in the articles before using them to get the best benefits. The Achedaway Cupper instructions are easy to understand with clear instructions and good pictures. If you get confused (you won’t), there are a couple of good YouTube’s about the Cupper.

Watch out for bluebirds, cup fanatics

Years ago (okay, many years ago), when I was in high school, my boyfriend came in on a Saturday. My dad was at home and called my boyfriend to come into the kitchen, which he did. Dad was friendly enough, then all of a sudden Dad bends down with an intense look, “Hey, I want to know what those blue birds are on my daughter’s neck?” What a bully and what a horrible thing that my father did to my friend and me. I’ve had PTSD (jokingly) on that stage for years.

However, I warn you now, watch out for Bluebirds when using the Achedaway Cupper (or any taster, I am told). Take a look at the photos in the Achedaway site. I have been told that everyone in the universe knows bluebirds except me.

You will love the curved cup design. Causes the taster to grasp smaller points, such as the upper arm of a smaller woman.

curved cup design
Curved cup design
Red light therapy
Red light therapy
Easy to clean
Easy to clean
3 size cup accessories
Three sizes of mug accessories

One of the biggest benefits of the Achedaway Cupper is that you can easily use them for personal care at home. Easy to use, easy to clean, and the pain just goes away. Comes with 3 cup accessory sizes. They are easy to clean and easy to resize. Also, you can run your Cupper from your phone.

I have sciatica pain (probably from sitting 8 hours a day working, like you!). I used Cupper on that spot for 5-8 minutes and was pain free for about four hours. Then I use it again at work and enjoy several more hours without pain. Using the Cupper in this way, I also don’t get the big red spots.

The only downside to bringing your Cupper to work is that everyone will want to wear their Cupper. Nonetheless, painless is painless and therefore worth it.

Last week our designer came in with a hamstring strain. He had been on crutches for days and was not doing well. So I ran home and bought the Cupper. He took it home that night and, with daily use for a few minutes, returns to work without crutches.

I have talked to many people about “what makes this product work?” Is it skin manipulation? Is it the red light that does the magic? Or is it Cupper’s way of stimulating additional blood flow to the site you are working on?

The Cupper comes in a sturdy carrying case, easy to use and understand this product. Review the Achedaway site some other articles that you will enjoy.

Whatever the Cupper process, the biggest one is this, this is a product that acts on pain.

Deanna ritchie

Deanna ritchie

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