Ketch Raises Another $ 20 Million As Demand For Its Privacy Data Control Platform Grows – TechCrunch

Six months after getting a $ 23 million Series A round, Ketch, a startup that provides online privacy regulations and data compliance, generated an additional $ 20 million in A1 funding, this time led by Acrew Capital.

Returning with Acrew for the second round are CRV, super {set} (the start-up studio founded by Ketch co-founders CEO Tom Chavez and CTO Vivek Vaidya), Ridge Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank. The new investment gives Ketch a total of $ 43 million raised since the company exited stealth earlier this year.

In 2020, Ketch introduced its data control platform for programmatic privacy, governance and security. The platform automates data control and consent management so that consumer privacy preferences are respected and implemented.

Companies are looking for a way to satisfy the needs of consumers and adapt to their rights and consents. At the same time, companies want data to fuel growth and gain consumer trust, Chávez told TechCrunch.

There is also a security issue, with a lot of effort in ransomware and malware, but Chávez believes that a great opportunity is to provide security to data wherever it is located. Once the infrastructure is in place for data control, it must be at the level of individual cells and rows, he said.

“If someone wants to be removed, it is a challenge to find their specific row of data,” he added. “That is a data control exercise.”

Ketch’s client base has grown by more than 300% since its March Series A announcement, and the new financing will go towards expanding its sales and marketing teams, Chávez said.

Ketch application. Image credits: Ketch

This year, the company launched Ketch OTC, a free-to-use privacy tool that streamlines all aspects of privacy for business compliance programs to build trust and reduce friction. Customer growth through OTC increased fivefold in six months. More recently, Qonsent, which is developing a consent user experience, is using Ketch’s APIs and infrastructure, Chávez said.

When looking for strategic partners, Chávez and Vaidya wanted to have people around the table who had deep context about what they were doing and could provide advice as they developed their products. They found that in Acrew’s founding partner, Theresia Gouw, whom Chávez referred to as “the GO of privacy and security.”

Gouw has been investing in security and privacy for more than 20 years and says that Ketch is changing the model of privacy and data security by putting it in the hands of developers. When he saw more people working from home and more data breaches, he saw an opportunity to increase and double Acrew’s initial investment.

He explained that Ketch is differentiating itself from its competitors by taking data privacy and security and linking it to the data itself to empower software developers. With the OTC tool, similar to putting locks and cameras on a house, developers can download the API and attach rules to all a user’s data.

“The magic of Ketch is that it can take governance and security rules and integrate them with software and data,” Gouw added.

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