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Loose you’ve been talking about expanding beyond text messaging for some time. Today at Dreamforce, this week’s Salesforce customer conference, announced Clips, a way to leave short video messages that people can watch at their leisure.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield sees Clips as a way to communicate with colleagues when a full 30-minute meeting isn’t really required. Instead, you can inform people about what is happening through a short video. Clips are a way of recording yourself on your screen. And the idea is that a lot of the meetings shouldn’t require us to be together in real time, ”Butterfield said at a Dreamforce press event yesterday.

He added that these video clips provide more value because you can still get the point that would have been delivered in a full meeting without having to attend to access that information. Also, it says that the videos create an audit trail of the activity for archival purposes.

“It can be easily shared with people who did not attend, but [still] get the update. It is available in the archive, so you can go back and find the answers to the questions you have or trace the roots of a decision, ”he said. It’s worth noting that Slack first introduced this idea last October, and announced an early beta for customers last March, at which point they hadn’t even named him yet.

He admitted that this may require people to rethink how they work, and depending on the organization, that may be more difficult in some places than others, but he believes the value proposition of freeing up employees to meet less and work more it will eventually empower people and organizations. to test it and then incorporate it into the way they work.

Clips is based on the Huddles tool released earlier this year, which is a way through audio to have casual conversations with a water cooler, again as a way to reduce the need for a full meeting where people can meet for a few minutes, solve a problem, and get back to work. Butterfield says Huddles has had the fastest adoption of any new capability since Slack first launched.

In March, in a Clubhouse interview With SignalFire investor Josh Constine (who is also a former TechCrunch reporter), Butterfield said the company was also working on a Clubhouse tool for business. However, the company did not announce any similar tools this week.

The company also announced 16 integrations with Salesforce that span the entire Salesforce platform. These include the sales-focused deal room and response to customer support incidents called swarms. announced earlier this monthas well as new connections to other tools in the Salesforce family of products, including Mulesoft and Tableau, and industry-specific integrations for banking, life sciences, and philanthropy.

In case you had forgotten, Salesforce bought Slack late last year in a mega deal worth nearly $ 28 billion. Today, as part of the CRM giant, the company continues to build on the platform and product roadmap it had before the acquisition, while building integrations across the Salesforce platform.

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