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And we go to the races! Welcome to the official start of TechCrunch Disrupt 2021. Over the next three days, we feature icons, trendsetters and emerging technologies, plus a true panoply of innovative startups and the brilliant people behind them.

Get set up and get ready to mine Disrupt for insights, trends, inspiration, and opportunities to learn, build, scale, and achieve your business goals. The question is, of course, where to start? Only the first day offers more than 36 sessions.

While we are confident that you can navigate a conference on your own, we would like to draw your attention to some of the sessions scheduled for today. Check the disruptive agenda for exact times – it will automatically reflect the time zone you call home.

Late arrivals are always welcome: Buy your Disrupt 2021 all-access pass here. I’m just looking for a Disrupt sample – try just the Expo and free work sessions here.

Where to cut back and where to spend on the First-Check fundraiser: Every time a founder gets funding, they usually have one goal: growth. But what does that really mean? And how do you start dividing your new capital among your startup’s various goals? In this panel, which includes Henri Pierre-Jacques from Harlem Capital, Richard Kerby from Equal Ventures and Nisha Dua from BBG Ventures, you will learn how to best spend your investment, balancing the runway with classic startup rigor.

Pot, ceramics and more: In a way, we live in a world where alcohol is sold in grocery stores and marijuana is considered a gateway drug. But that is changing rapidly. The legalized cannabis industry is estimated to be worth more than $ 13 billion in 2021, and the major players in the big food, pharmaceutical, etc. industries want a piece of the pie. Hear from actor and comedian Seth Rogen about his well-known passion for marijuana and how it led him to start Houseplant. Rogen will also be joined by Houseplant Chief Commercial Officer Haneen Davies and Co-Founder and CEO Michael Mohr.

Launch Launch Feedback Sessions: Take advantage of the note-taking method you choose and get connected as startups showcasing at Startup Alley get launched and receive feedback from TechCrunch’s expert staff. You will benefit from seeing how others present themselves, and you may even gain valuable tips to improve your skills.

How to cultivate a community for your company that really lasts: There’s no question about it: startupland’s word of the year is “community.” In this panel, Community Fund’s Lolita Taub, Commsor’s Alex Angel, and Seven Seven Six’s Katelin Holloway will draw enthusiasm from reality and help founders understand the growing importance of community managers in startup culture and ultimately instance, in current financial success.

There are many more start-up goodies awaiting you, and don’t worry about scheduling conflicts – your pass includes access to video on demand. Advance, explore, connect and collaborate. In other words, do TechCrunch Disrupt your own!


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