Sneaky Vampire Syndicate launches collection of non-expendable tokens

The artist behind one of the biggest sales in this historic year of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has done it again. Migwashere and its partners made another seismic wave in the universe of NFTs on September 12, 2021, when they launched the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS).

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate launches collection of non-expendable tokens

SVS presents a collection of hand-drawn cartoons from Migwashere. These will be released and sold as NFT. Each work of art is a generative portrait of a vampire with different characteristics and appearances. SVS artwork is tokenized under the ERC-721 standard. SVS will allow the public minting of its 8,888 NFTs in the coming weeks. The initial cost of each vampire is 0.08Ξ, approximately $ 313 USD.

However, the SVS vision takes the idea of ​​NFT one step further. His training follows in the footsteps of Bored Ape Yacht Club’s sale of 107 NFTs. That sale earned $ 24.4 million at an online auction at Sotheby’s in early September.

Migwashere is also a Bored Ape Yacht Club artist!

Migwashere was one of the artists behind Bored Ape Yacht Club. SVS started with the ambition to duplicate its NFT club concept. Each Syndicate NFT owner gets their own space in an exclusive online community. The launch of the new community will take place in the near future.

2D Survival Game Exclusives Coming Soon

SVS also plans to release a 2D survival game exclusively for Syndicate-generated NFT owners. The game is currently in development at Static City Games studios.

Thanks to the success of the launch, SVS announced that it will donate 45 ETH, approximately $ 150,000, to three charities. NFT holders will help make the decision about recipient charities.

4,600 new NFT media

SVS started off with a significant tailwind of support and enthusiasm. This was due in large part to Migwashere’s involvement with Bored Ape Yacht Club. After the project team revealed its partnership with Migwashere, the new Syndicate attracted 12,000 followers ahead of Discord’s launch. Community support for non-fungible tokens has skyrocketed.

In the days leading up to their official launch, SVS selected 400 of the new NFTs for a special pre-sale. The sale was aimed at users who interacted with SVS on Discord and Twitter. Users minted up to two of the vampire NFTs before the syndicate fell.

Even distribution between the support base of the new NFT

On the weekend of the SVS launch, 4,600 new NFT holders joined the project. Migwashere and his technical team achieved a distribution rate of 52%, an exceptionally high percentage. This was due to their efforts to distribute the vampire tokens as evenly as possible among the new NFT holder base.

Buyers reserved their new NFT purchases at launch. They had a four-hour window of time to finalize their purchases. The SVS believes that this mechanism saved Ethereum users hundreds of dollars in transactions or “gas” fees.

Work to Lead: Use NFT as Social Media Profiles

SVS hopes its project will get a boost from wealthier owners who use NFTs as profile pictures on social media. They also hope that a hypothetical resale of the NFT at a higher price in the future will increase the value of all other vampire NFTs in the Syndicate.

Exclusive access to online game

SVS ‘ambitions extend further into the gaming world. Migwashere and his team say they want to develop more real use cases for blockchain-hosted tokens.

A vampire fighting game represents the first conduit for SVS utilization ideas.

The vampire fighting game is currently in development and is highly sought after in the NFT gaming and space community. The as-yet-untitled browser-based game will be offered only to verified SVS non-fungible token holders who will use their tokens in-game. Players will use a variety of weapons and tactics to fight rude groups of zombies, werewolves, skeletons, and vampire hunters.

An in-game bite mechanic will allow players to escape with enemy character lives at the price of their character being “rooted in place,” according to lead developer Woof. The game will have infinitely increasing levels of difficulty. A leaderboard will show the players who have survived the longest.

Future Steps on the Union Roadmap

Hello NFT holders, just like mutant dogs and apes, you can now receive your companion bat for free!

The SVS website reveals the release schedule for upcoming bonus items only available to non-fungible token holders. All vampires received a special gift during the first week of the Syndicate. NFT holders will receive a free accompanying bat. These are similar to the mutant dogs and apes distributed at the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The plan is to offer additional merchandise in the coming weeks.

The Lair represents the heart of the SVS project. The exclusive online club will allow vampires to interact with each other in the Syndicate Metaverse. The Syndicate has more milestones in the works.

A new twist on the crushing NFT business

The SVS offering reinforces the dynamics of the NFT craze, which is starting to look more like a confirmed company than a fad.

The idea for SVS grew out of conversations between Migwashere and friends shortly after the artist left the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The team sought to inject new life into the realm of character-based NFTs with a project that responded more meaningfully to pop culture.

The team also wanted to take the NFT utilization aspect to a new level. The first few weeks of the NFT buying spree, they believed, simply reflected the value of the tokens as investments in “profile image projects.”

The NFT binge has proven to be one of the most disruptive forces in the art world in generations.

NFT’s collections have revolutionized auction house and art gallery traditions with high-profile, high-value purchases that occur regularly at venerable outlets such as Sotheby’s and the Uffizi Gallery.

Finally done: a new source of income for artists who deserve it

Perhaps most importantly, the popularity of NFTs has provided artists with an entirely new source of income that has eluded many of them in the 21st century. On Migwashere’s part, the SVS has endowed him with a new sense of freedom and ownership that he was seeking when leaving Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The New Age of Digital Art: NFT Collections

“The NFTs have incredible potential with what they can contribute to our future,” he said in an interview with Grit Daily. “It is evident and clear that this is only the beginning of a great era of digital art. We could not be more proud to be able to participate and commit at such a promising time. “

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