Every Meditation Place in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Besides finding collectibles, there are other reasons to explore at Kena: Bridge of Spirits, even to find and make use of meditation points to increase Kena’s max HP. There are several missions to complete throughout Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and at least 16 challenging bosses to fight.

The game has 12 meditation points spread over various areas. Some of them may be difficult to locate, but they are all worth finding. At each location, Kena will stop to meditate, permanently increasing her health. With bosses like Corrupt Rot God to fight later in the game, increasing Kena’s health can have a significant effect on each boss’s challenge. Players can track meditation points in seven different areas of the game.

Find every meditation place in Kena: Bridge of Spirits it will take some time. They are located in the village, the Taro tree, the Rusu mountain, the forgotten forest, the fields, the heart of the village and the mountain sanctuary. Each area has one to three meditation sites for Kena to visit and use. Points can be identified by the bright blue circle found at each location.

The village

  • Defeat the Mask Maker boss and head right to find the meditation place on the edge of a cliff.
  • There is a meditation place just ahead after defeating Boss Hunter.
  • After receiving the Village Crest Relic, there will be a meditation place right in front of Kena.

Taro tree

  • This place will appear in front of Kena after defeating the Corrupted Taro.

Rusu Mountain

  • Jump onto the broken bridge to the right of Rusu’s backyard warp stone. Shoot the arrow on the tree to go to the meditation place.

The forgotten forest

  • Go to the Sacred Tree warp stone and follow the path until you reach a small bridge. Go left to follow the river upstream to find a blue stone on the other side of the water. Shoot him to raise two platforms, then continue to the meditation place.
  • There is a forest teardrop on the way to the lantern cave that can be used to clear the corruption on the left. Doing so will reveal another place of meditation.


  • There is a Meditation Sot overlooking the sea on the high tower plateau next to some ruins.
  • Go to the Warp Stone Forge and enter the back room. There is a place that Kena can climb and cross to reach a ledge and jump to the next building. The place of meditation will be inside.
  • This place of meditation will appear in front of Kena after defeating the Corrupt Woodsmith.

The heart of the town

  • Enter the cave near the entrance to Village Heart. Head through the cave and out to the left, then clean up the corruption underneath. Use a bomb to climb the platforms and cross the gap to find the meditation place.

The Mountain Sanctuary

  • The last place of meditation appears after defeating the Corrupt Rot God and completing the game. Players may need to leave the area and re-meditate if it doesn’t work the first time.

Players should focus on finding meditation spots if they are having trouble surviving combat. Increasing Kena’s health will help with boss battles, especially later in the game. Find all 12 places in Kena: Bridge of Spirits It will take a bit of time and exploration, but they do provide a decent payoff, and any completionist player will want to track them down.


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