Explanation of the powers and origin of Karshon

Aquaman and the lost kingdom will introduce the deadly apex predator Karshon (The Shark) to the DC Extended Universe. For many fans, this will be their first time experiencing the lesser-known villain of the Silver and Bronze Age. However, Karshon is not the only interesting character to appear in the film.

Title hero Aquaman (Jason Momoa) will return in addition to the return of Mera (Amber Heard), Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), King Orm (Patrick Wilson) and King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren). Vincent Regan has also been confirmed for the film as Atlan, the former ruler of Atlantis, while actress Jani Zhao makes her English film debut as Stingray.


Karshon, aka The Shark, is a fascinating character to include in Aquaman 2 as the name points to a very specific arc in comic book history. While the super powerful shark hasn’t been at the forefront of a major DC Comics story for nearly 35 years, Karshon has pushed Justice League mainstays like Green Lantern and Aquaman to their absolute limit multiple times.

There has been some confusion surrounding the character, as Karshon and The Shark are not necessarily interchangeable names for the same thing. The shark was first introduced in the 1963 comic. Green Lantern # 24 as a literal tiger shark that developed superpowers after being exposed to the full force of an atomic blast. The incident accelerated the evolution of the animal by millions of years in the span of seconds, taking on a more humanoid appearance in the process. The Shark retained the most basic instinct to hunt, but his intellect and super-powerful abilities made attacking ordinary people a boring affair, prompting him to actively seek out superheroes to hunt and devour.

The Shark took the name Karshon specifically for his most famous battle against Aquaman. During a 1976 arc in Adventure comics the disguised villain hatched a plot to completely strip the Protector of the Deep of his title, his people, and even his family – basically everything important to him. Working in conjunction with Black Manta, the Ocean Master, and the Fisherman, he was able to seize power over Atlantis and convince the public that Aquaman had stolen something called Serum X, which the Justice League member was accused of selling to corporations in the surface that would mine the oceans for profit. None of this was true, but Karshon was able to turn people against Aquaman, take his throne, and kidnap his family before finally revealing that he was the Shark the entire time.

The character was reintroduced in Tom Taylor’s 2019 Suicide squad series like The Shark, but like many of the group’s seemingly disposable members, it doesn’t last long. On their first mission with Task Force X, the team encounters a band of freedom fighters called The Revolutionaries, and after a battle that results in casualties on both sides, The Revolutionaries are implanted with bombs and forced to become members. of the Suicide Squad. During the fight, The Shark kills and devours an Atlantean named Scale right in front of his telepathic twin brother Fin. The two were expected to work together or risk being detonated by his superiors, but Fin was pushed too far and avenged. stabbing the Shark with his own tooth and summoning more sharks to eat him.

The original Green Lantern The representation of The Shark comes with a set of powers that even the most powerful heroes on Earth would have a hard time fighting off. The atomic blast that speeds up your evolutionary process essentially gives you the ability to manipulate matter just by thinking about it. In its opening pages as a sentient being, El Tiburon uproots a tree creating a tornado, melts a rock formation, and kills an unspecified “heavyweight champion” just by looking at it. He can also infiltrate the minds of others at a great distance, so the longer he is surrounded by people, the more information the supervillain will collect. The Shark uses that bond to instill fear in its victims, fueling its bloodlust as an apex predator and making it even stronger.

It is not clear which skills Suicide squad version of The Shark possessed, as the character was killed before the writers could explore his backstory. When he brutally murders Scale, he snaps it in half between his teeth with all the effort of breaking a toothpick. He then uses telepathy to constantly antagonize Fin, forcing the Atlantean to feel what his twin brother felt while becoming friends. The rest of The Shark’s deadliest psionic abilities are not mentioned, but he couldn’t stop a chill from normal sharks from killing him after spilling blood into the ocean, which could indicate that this version of the character was more limited.

It’s true that Karshon will actually be the second shark-based character in the DCEU, but the relatively dark comic book villain has very little in common with Suicide squadbeloved demigod King Shark. The biggest difference between the two characters, by far, is their intelligence. King Shark isn’t exactly the most knowledgeable member of the Suicide Squad and he can be a tough thing to contain once the overwhelming thirst for blood sets in. It is a simple type of shark that just wants to eat people.

Karshon, on the other hand, is a super genius with seemingly limitless potential to keep growing smarter the more minds he has to explore. He actively hunts superheroes because eating normal people is too mundane. That is not to say that King Shark could never win in a fight, as the comics have shown that Karshon (as The Shark) is outmatched by sheer brute force, despite the ability to manipulate matter on a whim one would think that. makes him almost invincible. In their first encounter, Green Lantern was pushed to the limit, but ended up defeating The Shark by hitting him with a block of ice so thickly frozen that it simply knocked him unconscious. That said, in a battle of pure intellect, the fight is for the DCEU newcomer every time.

Indya Moore delves into the character of Karshon in what will be the actor’s first foray into the comic book world. They come from three very successful seasons on the Emmy Award-winning FX series. Pose and have appeared in feature films such as Escape Room: Tournament of Champions and Damon Cardasis’s 2017 drama Sabbath Church. No details have been revealed on how Karshon will enter the DCEU at this time, but it will certainly be interesting to see what Moore can bring to the role when Aquaman 2 hits theaters in 2022.

While the studio hasn’t confirmed anything so far, the specific use of Karshon in the film rather than the character’s more-used name, The Shark, is an indication that the filmmakers are at least aware of the original. Adventure comics arc and could have turned to aspects of the story for inspiration when writing Aquaman and the lost kingdom. More information is likely to be revealed when Warner Bros. releases the first trailer for the long-awaited sequel.


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