How to fix character already in server error in Diablo 2: Resurrected

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Diablo 2: Risen has had some issues with its release, including server and character bugs preventing fans from enjoying the game. Diablo 2: Risen is the highly anticipated remake of the original Devil 2, which was released in 2000. With unique characters and diverse abilities, Diablo 2: Risen it remains even two decades later, but it is not without technical problems.

When Diablo 2: Risen First released, there were server bugs that prevented players from creating characters or entering the game. These were points of frustration for gamers excited to get started on the remake. Since its launch, Blizzard has been working to fix server issues on Diablo 2: Risen, but players still have a hard time using certain characters.

According to @BlizzardCS, the company is still trying to address this issue, but there are some quick fixes gamers can try that have worked for some. There are a few options available to players who receive the error “Could not enter the game. This character is already in a game on the server. Please try again.”

Players must first try to create a new character. Diablo 2 risen It has many characters and classes to choose from, but players do not need to focus too much on their choice, as they will not necessarily start a game with this character. Once the new character is created, they can go back to the character selection menu and choose the character that was getting an error message, then try to create a game.

Players who continue to receive the error message after this step can completely close the application and try to reload it. Diablo 2: Risen it needs to be closed completely for this method to work, so simply backing out will not be enough. Players must exit the application and reload it, then select the character receiving the error message and attempt to create a game.

Unfortunately, if none of these fixes work, the only other way to use that character is to play offline until the issues are fixed. It didn’t take long for Blizzard to fix the server issues, and the company is already working on this issue, so players should keep checking for updates on the issue. Diablo 2: Risen is a remake of a popular game with a flood of players trying to get in, so the server is understandably having issues, but Blizzard is working to fix them.

Source: @BlizzardCS/Twitter

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