Stargirl season 3 promotes Joel McHale’s Starman to series regular

DC Stargirl just updated Joel McHale to a series regular for season 3. Star Girl, which follows Courtney Whitmore, a teenager who joins the Justice Society of America, premiered on the CW in 2020 and is currently airing its second season, which will conclude on November 2. The series stars Brec Bassinger, Anjelika Washington, Trae Romano, Amy Smart, Luke Wilson, Yvette Monreal, and Cameron Gellman.

Joel McHale has appeared as Starman in five episodes of the series. Starman’s cosmic staff is the source of his powers, and after his supposed death in the show’s pilot, Courtney discovers it in her stepfather’s collection. When he realizes that he can activate the power of the staff, he assumes that Starman is his father and takes the mantle of Stargirl. At the beginning of the second season, it is revealed that Starman is still alive and searching for Courtney’s stepfather, but the show has not revealed any further details.

While appearing in an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show invited by Arsenio Hall, Joel McHale confirmed that he will be a series regular in the next season of Star Girl. With typical humor, he exclaims, “In the first episode of the first season, my character dies. But now I’m back!“He says he’s excited to join the show in a more complete capacity because frontman Brec Bassinger is a”dynamo“and Luke Wilson and Amy Smart are”no schlubs” any.

Yes, [I’ll be a series regular in season 3.] It was showing up. In the first episode of the first season, my character dies. But now I’m back! So hold on to your hat or your cosmic staff, [which] is what my character sustains.

I’m Starman, but Stargirl is played by Brec Bassinger, a 22-year-old dynamo actor… When I was 22, I thought: “I don’t have any shirts. And I’m going out without one. “And she’s very, very, it’s great, and Luke Wilson and Amy Smart are in it, and they’re no dummies… I’m so happy to be a part of the show, so thank you Geoff Johns, who did it. It was the best broadcast TV show ever made, so there you have it.

Joel McHale is best known for playing sardonic Jeff Winger on the beloved cult comedy. Community, though it has diversified quite a bit since it went off the air in 2015. On the darker end of the spectrum, he starred in the thriller Demon Possession Deliver us from evil as well as two sci-fi reboot series: Twilight zone and The x files. He has also appeared in television comedies. The great interiors and Santa Clarita diet and went through the Netflix movie A useless and stupid gesture to cameo as yours Community costar Chevy Chase.

Starman returning to Star Girl the full time is great news for fans of the show who want to explore the mysteries of their relationship. This provides the potential for many stories to come, especially considering that she has modeled her alter ego after him and is, in fact, using her staff. There will certainly be some conflict over who can handle it, and whether the nature of your family relationship will come into play. The truth is that the dynamics of the Society of Justice is about to suffer a tug.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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