Stealth Tabletop RPGs for Ninja Fans

Ninjas are great, as are tabletop RPGs; Thus, tabletop role-playing games with ninjas In them it must be extra cool! But what exactly is a ninja, and what makes them such a pop culture staple? The following RPG systems, each with their own stylized version of Ninjas somewhere on the spectrum between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, try to answer this question.

Ask most people born in the 20th century what a ninja is, and they’ll generally think of a stealthy assassin in dark clothing and a hooded hood, wielding exotic weapons like throwing stars, sickles, and Sai daggers. Ask the people who grew up during the 2000s or 2010s, and they can quote the Ninja gaiden series or lego Ninjago franchises, media about warriors who exercise magical techniques of “Ninjutsu” and exotic martial arts. Ask a historian about ninjas, and they might mention the mercenary subclass “Shinobi” that emerged in 12th century Japan, who hired themselves as spies and assassins to warlords, wielding weapons inspired by agricultural tools and they often disguised themselves as servile servants to get closer to their goals.

Many of the RPGs listed below were written by people who did research on real historical ninjas and then decided to wholeheartedly embrace the stylized pop culture conception of ninjas, “shadow clones” and all that. Some of these ninja RPGs take place in historical fantasy settings similar to the times when real ninjas existed (such as with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s stage and NPC), while others have ninjas leaping across the rooftops of modern metropolises; each one, regardless, is about portraying ninjas gracefully and stealthily.

The 2nd edition of The Ninja Crusade, available on Drivethru and set in a fantasy version of medieval Japan, are about heroic ninjas from the Lotus Coalition, who fight a war of resistance against the militant forces of the Izou Empire. Players create characters aligned with one of the ten clans of the Lotus Coalition, each specializing in certain abilities and embodying different archetypes of ninja. The Wandering Adventures In Which PCs Continue The Ninja Crusade get great inspiration from the Ninja Scroll anime, along with more modern works such as Naruto franchise.

Legend of the five rings It started out as a collective card game franchise with a rich metaplot, then expanded into tabletop role-playing games. The latest edition of Role-playing game Legend of the Five Rings It can be used to tell stories about noble samurai and magic users defending themselves against the dark entities of the Shadowlands, or political plots with scheming courtiers and genius generals. If players choose to create characters that come from the mask-wearing Scorpion Clan who patronize ninjas, they can also immerse themselves in tales of stealth, infiltration, lies, and murder – dishonorable deeds committed for the sake of Rokugan.

Shinonbigami, an RPG translated from Japanese after a successful Kickstarter, is set in modern-day Japan and centers on a shadow war between rival ninja clan members, who also have day jobs, families, schoolwork, and other concerns. everyday. The game cycle of a Shinobigami the session is divided into four parts. In the first three “Cycles,” each ninja player character takes a turn in the narrative spotlight to pursue their secret goals, learn the secrets of other characters, and develop their relationships. The final part, a “Climax Phase”, is a free for all battle between players and groups of players where secrets are revealed, relationships are pushed to the limit and spectacular ninja arts are used.

Ninja Burger is a lightly prepared RPG about ninjas. Who work in the fast food industry. Set in a world that’s a crazy mix of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Adventures of Dr. McNinjaand the scene “Deliverator” from the cyberpunk novel Snow crash, the goal of the players in a Ninja Burger session is to use your PC’s stylized ninja skills to deliver meals to customers (undetected) in 30 minutes or less. It does not matter that. Obstacles that get in the way of Ninja Burger PCs can range from mutant sewer dwellers and hostile ninjas to rival fast food franchises like Pirate Pizza, making for a Tabletop RPG with ninjas that can provide as much fun as adventure.

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