Why phase 4 will have the weakest Hulk

Because the Marvel Cinematic UniversePhase Four will have the weakest version of the Hulk yet. Avengers Endgame changed a lot of the bets on the MCU going forward. The number of Avengers also declined, with three of the original six team members killed (Black Widow, Iron Man) or displaced to another time (Captain America). The film also featured a remake of the Hulk at the same time that it seriously injured him.

Hulk made his way through the Avengers, he argued petulantly with Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, and fought alongside his teammates as a completely new person, with Dr. Bruce Banner fusing the best of himself with that of his angry green counterpart to become the Smart Hulk, in Avengers Endgame. While the Hulk’s propensity to throw and smash things was put aside, the clever Hulk was powerful enough to don the Infinity Gauntlet and successfully retrieve half of the world’s missing population. But his action was not without consequences.

Following Thanos’s defeat, the arm wielding the Hulk’s gauntlet is still badly damaged and he wears a sling during Tony Stark’s funeral. While the green Avenger’s arm will likely heal, there may be nerve damage that will take much longer to completely disappear. This could result in the Hulk weakening in Phase Four of the MCU, potentially kicked out of missions that he might have otherwise joined. With superhero injuries, it’s rare for anything beyond death to keep an Avenger from fighting any villain. But considering that the Hulk’s arm was damaged by the Infinity Stones, which were powerful enough to burn and permanently damage Thanos’s left arm, it makes sense that the Hulk’s injury from using the Infinity Gauntlet would also produce the same results. .

This long-term healing – that is, if your arm ever fully heals, happening in Phase Four – makes sense for the sake of MCU continuity. It also puts the Hulk out of commission when it comes to helping other superheroes in upcoming movies and TV shows, including Hulk’s cousin Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk). However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Fans know Mark Ruffalo will reprise his role as Bruce Banner / Hulk on Marvel’s Disney + series She hulkbut he may just be around to offer a little advice to his cousin rather than help her fight the villains. This would allow She-Hulk to act on her own and display her abilities without relying on the Hulk for backup.

the MCU Rarely, if ever, has he explored a superhero who has suffered a potentially long-term injury and could start out doing it with the Hulk in Phase Four. The character may be at his physically weakest after passing through the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers EndgameBut an injury wouldn’t make the Hulk any less valuable. It would also be realistic and relevant if a near-life injury was given time to heal while the character explores a bit more in Phase Four off the field.


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