Brenda seduces George to get revenge on Mary

Brenda Sparks (Melissa Peterman) may be intentionally seducing George (Lance Barber) to seek revenge against Mary (Zoe Perry) in Young sheldon. Ever since the CBS sitcom raised the idea that Patriarch Cooper might start an affair with his newly single neighbor, fans have been wondering if this effectively sets Sheldon’s cheating story in Big Bang Theory. Admittedly, it is too early to confirm, as it will supposedly be a few more years before this heartbreaking incident occurs. Nevertheless, Young sheldon He seems to be preparing George’s affair so that the change from a loving father to an unfaithful husband doesn’t feel incredibly abrupt.

CBS has left clues here and there about the future collapse of George and Mary’s marriage, but it wasn’t until Young sheldon season 4 finale that directly addressed the looming tragedy. The episode titled “The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics” began with Missy (Raegan Revord) dealing with boy problems, but, by the end of the outing, the problem became much bigger than that. The commotion at home led his father to confess for the first time that he is miserable and deeply unhappy. Not wanting to make things worse, he Young sheldon The season 4 finale ended with George abruptly leaving the house and going to a pub where he happened to meet Brenda. They decided to hang out, which heavily implied that this could be the start of a possible adventure.

CBS has already released some teasers in light of Young sheldon The launch of season 5 is approaching. Several of those official teasers support the idea that George begins an extramarital affair. What’s interesting, though, is that Brenda seems to be the one initiating the contact, which is odd, considering that Mary hasn’t supported her any more than since her own marriage broke up. This may be the reason: she is intentionally going after George to hurt Matriarch Cooper.

Brenda and Mary have had a contentious relationship in Young sheldon. They have fought over many things; Brenda did not particularly like Mary’s self-righteousness, and felt that her neighbor was overly judging her and everyone else in general. To be fair, Mary could really be authoritative (something that was further amplified in her appearances in Big Bang Theory). Brenda may feel inadequate or even resentful compared to her, especially given Sheldon’s academic achievements relative to Billy’s (Wyatt McClure). However, after a while, the couple apparently bonded over their shared problems, specifically regarding their children and their future. The hostility has largely been resolved, and Mary even became a source of strength for Brenda when her husband left. Still, the original issues Brenda had with Mary are likely still simmering beneath the surface.

While Mary and Brenda are fundamentally different, their relationships with their respective husbands are similar. Both tend to yell and scold their spouses; George and Herschel Sparks (Billy Gardell) realized this, so they developed an unlikely friendship. Granted it wasn’t fully explored in Young sheldonIt is clear that the show wanted to draw a parallel between men. However, in the future, the sitcom will not be able to adequately review this burgeoning relationship. As revealed in season 4, Herschel left Brenda after going through some marital problems. It’s unclear what specifically caused the breakup, but the breakup doesn’t seem mutual, and Brenda is still reeling from the loss. Meanwhile, the Coopers stay together. It is true that they are going through their own difficulties, but none of them have given up on their marriage, at least until now. Despite Mary’s ways, George remains a devoted husband to her and a good father to her children.

Given the state of her marriage compared to that of her neighbor, it is not out of the question that Brenda developed some sort of resentment towards Mary. As a proud woman, she doesn’t want pity, especially when it’s from Mary, who could be annoyingly self-righteous. Initially, no one knew Herschel would move out, but Brenda eventually told Mary after matriarch Cooper checked on her neighbor when she found out Billy was having trouble at school. Young sheldon It didn’t show what their subsequent conversation was like, but Mary seemed genuinely concerned for Brenda, so much so that she even organized a girls’ night out with her and Meemaw (Annie Potts) afterward.

While Brenda seems to appreciate Mary’s efforts, it is still possible that she is upset by the fact that, at the end of the day, Matriarch Cooper is a reminder of what she has lost. Not only that, but Brenda may be jealous of Mary’s marriage. While she understands that Mary has nothing but good intentions, spending time together can be secretly heartbreaking for Brenda. And since she is too proud to admit this to Mary, she has agreed to it, causing her to become bitter.

There are many ways to mess with Mary. For starters, Brenda can focus her insecurities on being left out and begin to have more time alone with Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby). This is sure to drive Mary Cooper crazy, as she was filled with jealousy when she found out that the couple went for a walk without inviting her back inside. Young sheldon season 4. If Pastor Jeff isn’t a viable option, maybe Brenda can target Meemaw. She and Mary’s mom seem to have a lot of similarities, and after spending time together during her girls’ night out, it won’t be so awkward to hang out again. With that said, arguably the most effective way to bring Mary down is to destroy her marriage, something that established the season 4 finale.

Knowing full well that matriarch Cooper is too uptight to do something silly that will result in her separation from her husband, Brenda can go after George. As seen in the Young sheldon Trailers for season 5, she is very forthcoming in luring George into making the catastrophic mistake of cheating on his wife. By successfully separating Mary and George, Brenda can take comfort in the idea that she is not the only one with a broken family. It could also be an ego boost to know that a committed family man like George would be willing to have an affair with her.

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