Netflix Shows Squid Game Season 2 Update

Netflix has released an update on the status of Squid season 2, commenting on the possibilities and timeline for the hit Korean series to get a second chapter. While Netflix has had significant international success in the past with non-English shows such as Lupine and Money robbery, nothing has been compared to Squid, which will become the largest series in streamer history. That level of success would seem to demand a Squid season 2, but will it happen?

The end of Squid Season 1 certainly leaves enough loose ends hanging to generate more story in a potential. Squid season 2. Much of the lore and history surrounding the deadly competition is shrouded in mystery, leaving some important stories open for future continuation. Nevertheless, Squid Unprecedented popularity on Netflix couldn’t have been anticipated, so the plan for the franchise’s future surely looks quite different now than it did when. Squid issued for the first time.

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In a recent interview with Vulture, Bela Bajaria, Netflix Global TV Director, discussed the likelihood and potential timeline of Squid season 2 and when it might arrive. Because Squid The popularity has drastically exceeded Netflix’s expectations, the main question seems to be the availability of creator Hwang Dong-hyuk.. “He has a movie and other things he’s working on.” Bajaria said, emphasizing that Netflix is “Trying to find the right structure for him.” It’s good that Netflix is ​​caving in to Hwang and prioritizing his availability, but that also means that Squid Season 2 may not arrive for a while.

Still, it is encouraging to hear that plans to Squid Season 2 is on the move on Netflix. From the dystopian story and the rich and taught atmosphere to the shocking visual style and Squid to emit Of talented stars, there are many reasons to love Hwang’s series, and it’s great to see it catching on all over the world. Considering the number of characters that die throughout the series, of course, Squid Season 2 might be a lot different than Season 1, but that just means more opportunities for new and exciting stories.

Hwang has said that he wants to take time away from Squid before returning for season 2. There is a possibility that you may decide not to return to the franchise at all, which would lead to a change in creative oversight for future installments or Squid season 1 is simply all there is. For the story, the end of Squid Season 1 could easily serve as the series finale as a whole, but Netflix is ​​unlikely to leave such a popular property undeveloped.

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Source: Vulture

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