The 5 best and 5 worst cenobites of the entire franchise

the Hellraiser The series introduced a new kind of monster to the horror movie genre, but they were far from stereotyped. These creatures embodied the most twisted elements of pleasure and pain. Behind scenes Hellraiser facts reveal a nightmare collage of sadomasochism, artistic expression, and even a code of honor that reflected his reputation.

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Cenobites are among the most interesting cinematic monsters ever created, with detailed mythology and complex motivations, rather than being mindless murderous villains. However, not all cenobites are the same. Some are brilliantly designed, while others tried to capitalize on the franchise’s growing popularity in the worst ways.

10 Worst: Dreamer (Hellraiser III)

Terri was an extremely confused, sad, and lonely girl who was manipulated by many people during her life, including the arrogant JP Monroe, who owns a nightclub called the Boiler Room. She was incapable of dreaming, a fact that made her mentally unstable and ultimately susceptible to Pinhead’s influence.

After killing JP and freeing Pinhead, Terri became the Cenobite known as Dreamer. It was one of the worst Cenobite designs, particularly since Dreamer had no real powers compared to his siblings. She was also much more human in appearance than the rest, which didn’t add to her own malevolence much.

9 Best: Phillip Channard (Hellbound: Hellraiser II)

Philip Channard was a human surgeon obsessed with unlocking damaged minds, but this ultimately turned out to be a denial on his part. Channard was secretly obsessed with the occult, particularly the puzzle boxes that opened the door to hell. From an early age, he showed signs of psychopathy that would manifest in him becoming a cruel and unrepentant villain.

Upon entering Hell, Channard became a powerful Cenobite with great ambitions for the unfortunate souls that would cross his path. He is one of Hell cultivators More effective and compelling Cenobites, with a fearsome presence and character design that is positively macabre in nature.

8 Worst: Siamese Twins (Hellraiser: Bloodline)

This Cenobite is actually a fusion of two identical twin brothers named Mark and Michael Bradley, who were considered inseparable by friends and family. They were employed as guards in a museum that housed a Lament Configuration created by John Merchant, which interested both Pinhead and Angelique, the princess of hell.

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Pinhead realized their secret fear of being separated and decided to bring them together, literally. Unfortunately, a mix of bad CGI and a rather disappointing final design made the Siamese twins look a lot dumber than probably intended. It just didn’t work, especially compared to the more popular Cenobite designs in the series.

7 Best: Angelique (Hellraiser: Bloodline)

Angelique started out as a separate entity from Pinhead and her Gash of Cenobites. She was a princess from the kingdom of Leviathan who entered the mortal world to end the LeMarchand lineage. In the end, their actions would be their undoing when LeMarchand’s descendant managed to destroy them all.

Angelique eventually joined Pinhead as Cenobite, and is the only known demon who was turned by Pinhead. Fearful only in her human form, she was equally terrifying after being turned into a cenobite, making her one of the most discreet in the world. criminally underrated Hellraiser franchise.

6 Worst: CD (Hellraiser III)

Hellraiser III featured another Cenobite that was improvised by the twisted mind of the pure and evil Pinhead. Jim Hammerstein was a local club DJ who suffered the unfortunate fate of having played a concert that crashed with Pinhead. The Cenobite set out to massacre everyone in the club, including the DJ, in one of the The most unintentionally hilarious scenes from the Hellraiser franchise.

However, his death was not the end. It became a CD, named for the fact that it had CDs lodged in its skull to act as a kind of twisted-looking halo. He could also launch CDs as lethal projectiles to kill his victims, which was an extremely silly and cheesy premise that wasn’t worth it.

5 Best: The Auditor (Hellraiser: Judgment)

Hellraiser: Judgment It’s often criticized for being a low-budget sequel with too much focus on non-Cenobite-related storylines. However, it added interesting new dimensions to the Hellraiser tradition, such as the Stygian Inquisition, a separate branch of the Cenobites who judge damned souls.

Chief among them is The Auditor, an authority figure in Hell, similar to Pinhead. This cenobite behaves more like a human than a demon, talks like an ordinary person and even jokes at regular intervals. It’s this kind of passive and unassuming personality that hides a much more sinister agenda, making the Auditor one of the most interesting additions to the series in some time.

4 Worst: Camerahead (Hellraiser III)

Later Hellraiser The sequels decided to get more and more creative with the Cenobite designs, and the results were mixed, to say the least. Hellraiser III featured Camerahead, a friend of main protagonist Joey Summerskill, who was transformed into a Cenobite by the sheer power of the evil person Pinhead.

Camerahead’s right eye was fused with a camera lens that could explode objects or stab its prey up close. This particular Cenobite sparked a new direction for the series: one more interested in capitalizing on Hellraiser’s notoriety, rather than doing something more artistic in design.

3 Best: Charlatan (Hellraiser)

Possibly the second most iconic Cenobite of all time after Pinhead, Chatterer had a particularly tragic backstory. In fact, he was a 16-year-old haunted by a life of constant abuse and the desire to be loved for who he was. Unfortunately, this would lead him down a horrible life path that would lead directly to solving the Lament Setting.

He emerged from experience as the Chatterbox, a voiceless cenobite named after the incessant chattering of his teeth. Nothing was known about him in the first movie other than his creepy design, but the second Hellraiser The movie finally gave the character some emotional weight.

2 Worst: Clown (Hellraiser – The Devil’s Brigade Comics)

Clown was a cenobite in charge of entertaining children who are taken to hell, but who are too innocent to be judged. To that end, he put on a show in which he demonstrated a series of gruesome acts to scare them. Leviathan punished him severely when he deviated from this formula and pulled a rabbit out of a hat to entertain the children.

After completely transforming into a Cenobite, there was little to differentiate Clown from his siblings. The character design was part Joker and part Pinhead, fused into a body that resembles the latter. He was neither the most interesting Cenobite of the group, nor the most effective.

1 Best: Pinhead (Hellraiser)

Pinhead is the leader of the cenobites and the main agent of the Leviathan, known to many as the Priest of Hell. Contrary to popular belief, Pinhead is not, in fact, a villain. In fact, it could be argued that he is not malevolent at all, but rather a sadist in charge of enforcing the rules of hell, and the puzzle box that leads so many humans astray.

Pinhead can be reasoned with and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Outwardly he has refused to take innocent lives, and he did so only when his darkest id separated from his consciousness to form a purely evil being.

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