The most iconic moment of the 10 best winners

Each winner of Older brother he has had to make big moves to get to the top. In fact, most, if not all, of the winners had to accomplish some kind of feat to be in the bottom two, even if it was just winning the last few races that helped get them there.

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When it comes to 10 best winners of Older brother, they have had some memorable moments in the game. Some of these moves really helped them become winners, while others were memorable for other reasons. In all cases, however, they have become iconic.

10 Ian Terry (season 14) – Orchestrating Mike’s eviction

Ian not only won against Dan Gheesling, one of the best to ever play the game, but also orchestrated the eviction of Mike “Boogie” Malin, one of the Older brothertop players to date. Ian was part of Boogie’s alliance and apparently the least threatening of the group, until he proved he wasn’t.

Right after Boogie’s eviction, which was an iconic scene that brought him back to Ian, Ian stepped on the gas and won a total of four HoH competitions, as well as two critical Vets, securing his spot in the final. Ian was the last underdog to prove that homeless can be serious threats.

9 Nicole Franzel (season 18) – Announced as winner

Not only was she the first woman to win against a male competitor, but Nicole also beat the cocky and arrogant Paul Abrahamian, who believed that he ran the game all the time and was ready to win. Little did he know that many jurors held grudges and decided to award Nicole the victory.

Both Nicole and Paul seemed equally surprised when she was declared the winner, and Nicole running through confetti to accept her award was an iconic moment for the three-time player. Paul remains one of the Older brother players who had the biggest falls, and while Nicole can’t be credited with making big moves herself, her victory itself was iconic.

8 Cody Calafiore (season 22) – Evicting Nicole

While it seemed likely early on that Cody was going to win given his physical prowess, leadership position in a dominant alliance, and general sympathy, his most memorable moment was when he evicted Nicole in the final minutes of the game, choosing to sit down. next to Enzo in the last two instead.

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Nicole was not only heartbroken because she believed he was going to honor her latest alliance, but she was also visibly angry and bitter. While Cody seemed to feel really bad about the decision, it is still his most memorable move in the game.

7 Dan Gheesling (season 10) – Dan’s funeral in season 14

Dan’s funeral has become a legend in the Older brother play; a strategy that not only saved him from eviction, but also helped him reach the last two. In fact, while this was Dan’s most iconic move, he didn’t make it in the season he won (season 10); this happened in season 14, in which he came second behind Ian Terry.

Dan had a lot of iconic moves during both times he played the game, but the funeral, where he called his ally and pretended that she had betrayed him (he couldn’t tell her about the hoax first to ensure an authentic reaction) was a cool move and a scene that fans love to see over and over again.

6 Will Kirby (season 2) – Manipulating Janelle in season 7

Will is still one of the best he’s ever played Older brother. And while his diary sessions with Mike “Boogie” Malin, in which they mocked and laughed at people who had been stabbed in the back, have become the most iconic scenes of his season, Dr. Will, as he is known, he had other memorable scenes in which they only participated. the same.

Fans of the first All the stars I might not have seen it as an iconic scene. However, now that there is a new legion of fans of the show who have come to know and love Janelle, seeing how he manipulated her into voting for her best friend Marcellas has become a heartbreaking and embarrassing scene. It was one of the worst things Will Kirby ever did it in Older brother.

5 Steve Moses (season 17) – Voting for Vanessa

Throughout the season, Vanessa Rousso was the expected winner. It seemed like even the guests gave in to the fact that she was obviously running the show and the only one to beat. The fact that she was so beloved meant that even though people knew she had a good chance of reaching the final, they still weren’t going against her.

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In fact, Vanessa went all the way. That is, until Steve Moses, who had apparently been quiet and in the background for much of the season, achieved a victory when it mattered most and did the unthinkable: he eliminated the woman everyone thought would win. It turned out to be the right move, as not only did Steve win himself, but an informal poll confirmed that if Steve had led Vanessa to the finals with him, he would have lost.

4 Andy Herren (season 15) – The Rogue Vote

Andy could be one of the most controversial winners, a “floater” who, according to some, did not deserve to win the first prize. However, Andy made some calm but critical moves in the game. He went from one alliance to another, which made people believe that he was disloyal.

But his biggest move was convincing McCrae to vote for someone he was aligned with who would never go against him. He lied about a dishonest vote attributed to Elissa, which caused friction within their friendship. McCrae listened and ended up walking out the next door, while Andy won four competitions in a row to secure victory in the end.

3 Hayden Moss (season 12) – Big reveal for Britney

It was not just Hayden’s most iconic moment, but the most iconic moment of their entire alliance, which ran the game for its entire duration. Called the Brigade, consisting of Hayden, Enzo and Lane, and Matt (until he was stabbed in the back), they were one of the most entertaining alliances in Older brother.

When Hayden, the obvious leader, finally came to the end with his two friends, they decided to break the news together to Britney about the alliance. She was the last woman standing and they didn’t want to give her false hope that she had a chance to stay. It was heartbreaking for her and the final confirmation for the trio that they had made it to the end.

2 Rachel Reilly (season 13) – Screaming “Floats, you better grab a life jacket!” In season 12

It remains one of the most memorable quotes about Older brother: When Rachel, angered by the house guests who were apparently going through the game, yelled “Floats, you better grab a life jacket!” in season 12. Rachel, of course, won many competitions and appreciated the integrity of the game, which meant playing hard and trying her best.

While Rachel had many memorable moments throughout the two seasons she played, including season 13 when she didn’t make it to the end, this is still one she is often noted for.

1 Xavier (season 23) – Lucious

The last winner of the series, Xavier made history for several reasons. Most notably, he became the first black winner in the show’s history in the U.S. (With the exception of Tamar Braxton’s victory in the first edition of Celebrity Big Brother). He also joins the ranks of a select few who have won by unanimous vote, including Older brother legends like Dan Gheesling and Cody Calafiore. He is also the first winner to receive the improved prize of $ 750,000 over the usual $ 500,000.

With all of these accolades, along with that intense eviction scene with Kyland, Xavier’s most iconic scene involves his return from 24 hours of isolation dressed as his alter-ego Lucious. An alleged character created from his intense boredom, emerged down the stairs with an unbuttoned top, afro wig, sunglasses and an exaggeratedly smooth gait. It was a moment of laughter that was needed among the guests.

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