9 unpopular views on movies, according to Reddit

considering the a nightmare on elm street The franchise has had nine installments, it is not surprising to learn that there are some unpopular opinions about the series. The remake, the sequels, Freddy’s clash with Jason, and even the original movie all generate opinions that are all over the map.

However, there are several installments of the franchise that generate more controversial opinions than others. Thanks to Reddit, these opinions are available in bulk. From dislike for beloved classics to love for reviled remakes, there are many opinions on elm street that go against the current.

9 The original movie is horrible

A Reddit poster, Shpannit, writes that the original Freddy movie is “terrible.” The Redditor apparently found very little in the movie to like. According to them, “It’s not scary, the acting is terrible, the plot is regular and it could have been executed much better than that. The ending was horrible.” They then claim that they liked the third act, but would call it a comedy rather than a horror one. Most unpopular, in particular: “I was crying with laughter in places. I mean, when Tina is flying around the room as the exorcist ?! Come on!”

But as far as most fans go, Tina’s gravity-defying death in the original a nightmare on elm street it is as amazing and effective now as ever. The same goes for elm streetThe underrated main topic.

8 Dream Warriors is overrated and boring

Reddit User jdpm1991 made several unpopular points about A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. They begin by commenting on the state of the film: “Many say that this is the best sequel of the series, but in my opinion, I find it boring, it takes too long, not half as fun as Dream Master or the first movie.”

Then, they praise one performance while beating another. “Plus, Patricia Arquette sucks as a last girl and actress. The only saving grace was that Heather came back as Nancy.” Few would disagree with the latter, but the former is an unpleasant opinion, to say the least, and Patricia Arquette’s performance as Kristen Parker is just one of many factors that place YEARS 3 among the best horror sequels.

7 Nightmare on Elm Street 3 is the best

In the same thread, bintasaurus threw a great honor in the second sequel, saying, “It’s the best Nightmare on Elm Street. “But for most fans and critics, Wes Craven’s original movie is the pick of the best. Nightmare in elm street film.

That being said, there are many reasons to defend the Redditor choice. Dream warriors It has a great cast with well written characters. It’s also creatively shot with the show’s best balance of comedy and horror. But in terms of being Freddy’s most effective movie, the original still looks like the best.

6 The master of dreams is boring

Redditor Schlock_Supreme supports their point of view, but they start by saying, “This is the first entry in the franchise that I find completely BORING.” Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The comment goes on to praise the leading performance of Lisa Wilcox, but noted that they found her inferior to that of Patricia Arquette in the previous installment. Some of the dream sequences are also praised, but with the note that they are “scattered through a really pedestrian script that never gets anywhere exciting.”

But most fans would agree that The master of dreams it feels more like a summer blockbuster than the rest of the franchise, and few would call it “boring.” And the script that goes nowhere exciting is also moot. The story of the movie may have gone to some places that didn’t quite work out, but the movie is nothing but inventive and exciting. Moments like Freddy with the pizza of the soul are small examples of what one of the strongest scripts in the franchise is like.

5 Dream Child was better off without Freddy

Diehard Freddy Krueger fans would disagree with verucavoorhees opinion Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Boy of Dreams. In his words, “Dream child it’s great when Freddy’s not in it. His terrifying short lines take away all the suspense, but the goth horror approach with Westin Hills is pretty good. “

Only one person agreed with him, but his point was equally strong. MatsThyWit wrote: “I wish someone could … edit that movie so that Freddy is really threatening.” It is clear that these two fans think Dream child It’s where Freddy went from scary figure to hobbyist comedian, but most fans like Freddy regardless of his form, which makes this opinion uncommon.

4 Freddy’s Dead is near the top

A Redditor Someguy2930, created a tiered list that ranks the films in the franchise. Divided into five categories, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare found himself in second place. But many comments indicate that others would place it at least fifth. Either way, it has a lot of Freddy Krueger quotes that have aged poorly.

The Redditor gives first place to the original film and Dream warriors. The second contains Freddy vs. Jason and Freddy is dead The third, Dream master and Freddy’s Revenge and the fourth place is for Wes Craven’s new nightmare, that some comments indicate that it should be higher. The final level contains two badly received entries, The boy of dreams and the remake. While everyone has their own personal favorites, not many would agree with this ranking, overall.

3 Points in new nightmare

In a thread about Wes Craven’s new nightmare, several users said positive things about how the movie was built. Freddy regaining his fear was cited as the strength of the film’s themes. But most of all, there was praise for the way Craven carried it out. Redditor BobRushy agreed, but with a caveat. He said, “It’s all those things and a boring movie at the same time, with Englund’s less interesting portrait of Freddy, the irritating kid and the boring ending.”

It is true that Miko Hughes is most loved for his role in Pet Sematario that New nightmare, and the ending is not the best part of the movie. However, it is far from Robert Englund’s least interesting performance as Freddy Krueger, so this opinion is quite controversial.

2 The remake is the only good movie

A Redditor dropped a bomb in defense of a nightmare on elm street (2010). Apparently this is Jak-nife’s favorite. Nightmare on Elm Street film. They said, “This is the only Nightmare movie that I really like. “

It is unknown how many of the other installments Redditor has seen. Still, most would put the remake at the bottom of the list, regardless of how many have watched, and many feel that it is just a soulless replay of the original with poor visuals.

1 The remake gets too much criticism

Redditor RyuugaHideki had quite a few things to say about the mostly scrapped Freddy Krueger remake from 2010. On the downside, the original poster acknowledges that it tries too hard to copy Wes Craven’s classic original movie.

They explain their thoughts on the film: “I think some of the updated fan service dialogue was pretty well written. That variation of the ‘This … is God’ line in Jesse’s death scene was pretty impressive. And well delivered “. They then explain how they liked the deaths in the film, which many fans found too CGI-packed.


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