Natalie and Big Ed confirmed for Single Life season 2

Natalie Mordovtseva and Big Ed Brown to star in the 90 day fiancé cleave 90 days: the single life with other confirmed cast members Stephanie Matto, Debbie Johnsonand Syngin Colchester. Seven singles are supposed to be part of the Discovery + program, including the two unannounced names from different 90 day fiancé relationships that trigger an affair after breaking up with their respective former Americans. Meanwhile, the addition of Big Ed, now engaged to ex-girlfriend Liz Woods and Natalie, who has been spotted with a mystery man after parting ways with Mike Youngquist, isn’t really a surprise to fans after their recent antics.

YouTuber Stephanie was the first name to be officially revealed. Stephanie, often accused of faking her bisexuality, confessed that she will date men and women in Single life. Colt Johnson’s mother Debbie was perhaps the most shocking person on the list. Las Vegas resident is back in the dating game 13 years after losing Colt’s father to an apparent heart attack. The South African Syngin and his wife Tania Maduro kept going around in circles with the status of their relationship. However, fans have heard rumors of his breakup and that he has a new girlfriend. But Syngin’s name was announced by 90 day fiancé not long after Tania finally confirmed their separation. the 90 day fiancé The season 7 couple Tania and Syngin still seem to be good friends, but the same can’t be said for Natalie and Mike. Ukrainian actress Natalie has been accused of acting thirsty on social media after Mike went official with his girlfriend Marcia “Brazil” Alves.

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According to Us weekly, Natalie and Ed will join the show for season 2. Natalie is already busy looking for a new man in Florida, and it looks like fans of the show will possibly be able to see how it unfolds in the upcoming season. He is accompanied by Natalie Big Ed, whose notorious relationship with Rosemarie “Rose” Vega in 90 day fiancé: before 90 days Season 4 made him infamous around the world when his troublesome behavior surfaced.

After his messy relationship with Rose, Big Ed attempted to woo another younger woman, Liz. 90 days: the single life season 1. Big Ed ended up treating Liz just as badly, and a leaked phone call with the restaurant manager also showed him calling her a lot of nasty things. The fans wanted see no more of Big Ed on their screens, and yet his surprise engagement to Liz hinted that he would get a new 90 day fiancé spare. Us weekly states that in 90 days: the single life Season 2, Big Ed tries new things and is ready to travel the world to find his soul mate.

Whether Big Ed remains engaged to Liz or continues his streak of toxic relationships is what fans will find out when 90 days: the unique lifee premieres Friday, November 12 on Discovery +. Season 1 was a surprise hit that fans preferred to keep an eye on. 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? season 6. It featured Big Ed, Colt, Danielle Mullins, Brittany Banks, Fernanda Flores and Molly Hopkins. Aside from Big Ed, Colt and Molly are still with their partners. of the program. Fans are now eager to find out if the likes of Natalie, Syngin, Debbie, and the two mysterious singles find true love or if they give the gift. 90 day fiancé franchise plus wreck relationships.

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Source: Us weekly

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