Venom’s symbiote son has an even creepier new host

Warning: Contains major spoilers for Extreme Carnage: Omega # 1!

When it comes to offspring, Poison it has spawned many. One of his sons, Sleeper, has a new host and his way of infecting him is one of the creepiest of all symbiotes. As its name suggests, this symbiote is a cunning operator and Hank, its host, has NO idea that it is infected.

Sleeper is Venom’s seventh spawn, after Carnage, Phage, Riot, Lasher, Scream, and Agony. Carnage is the best known and the following four were created by the Life Foundation, taking the name of the organization. Sleeper first appeared in 2018 and does not have the same murderous tendencies as many of his symbiote siblings, although his previous host, Kree soldier Tel-Kar, may disagree based on the fate he suffered due to Sleeper’s actions. and their own. Sleeper has been living with Eddie and Dylan Brock, but now, at Eddie’s urging, he has found a new host.

Hank is a friend of Eddie’s who was recruited to help thwart Carnage’s plan at Marvel’s. Extreme carnage event. Extreme Carnage: Omega It has the creative team of Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Manuel García, Guru Efx and Travis Lanham. The symbiote hysteria is at an all-time high and Hank isn’t very fond of symbiotes. Unfortunately for him, his body is now Sleeper’s host. Even more regrettable is the fact that he doesn’t know anything about it: Eddie Brock hasn’t told him and he’s already killed him once. His life is getting worse, but he is unaware of it, despite having a face-to-face showdown with Riot.

When Hank is attacked by Riot and impaled by his appendix, Sleeper takes over his body, giving him time to heal. Sleeper continues to take control of the body for the duration of his mission to stop Carnage. Finally, Hank wakes up and doesn’t realize it. He talks to Eddie about the confrontation and tells him that it was not very helpful as he was immediately knocked out. Turns out he was very useful as a symbiote host, but he doesn’t remember his death or his body being used. You don’t have a direct connection to Sleeper, so you have no idea how to be a host. This will likely lead to numerous problems down the road, as Eddie’s allies point out. After all, having a symbiote in this new age is incredibly dangerous, especially considering the latest schemes and Carnage’s symbiote recruitment.

According to Eddie, linking Sleeper to Hank was the right move. She protected him during his encounter with Riot, allowing him to leave. He accepted the risks, but Eddie didn’t want to lose his friend so easily knowing what Carnage’s crew is capable of. While saving Hank, he also sentenced him to a strange new life with a creepy stowaway. Sleeper is portrayed differently from his symbiote brothers when it comes to his relationships with his hosts.

Symbiotes are usually seen bonding with their hosts and amplifying their personalities and desires. Symbiotes aid in heroic causes, provide abilities for destructive hosts to cause trouble, and are often in direct communication with each other. Sleeper does not communicate with his host at all. He literally hides in Hank’s nervous system, waiting for his next set of instructions from Eddie, while Hank doesn’t realize the brink of death he was put on. Of all the ways to symbiotes occupy a host, Poison Son Sleeper definitely has the creepiest thing about it, with no one knowing where he might be at any given moment.

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