All Genshin Impact character birthdays and what happens on them

It is not uncommon for online games like Genshin impact to celebrate a player’s birthday with a small gift. Genshin impact However, it takes birthdays a step further by also celebrating the birthdays of its many collectible playable characters. While celebrating specifics Genshin birthday, players can earn rewards on that character’s special day, whether they have acquired them or not.

Genshin impact has made a name for itself by combining gacha mechanics with an incredibly dense and well-executed open world game. Players get an impressive amount of content for free, but are encouraged to spend money on Wishes, gacha pulls, which give players a small opportunity to add a new character to your Genshin impact ready. These characters have unique backstories, favor different items and weapon types, and have different favorite foods. They also have a birthday assigned in Genshin impact, which can be found in your character description.

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On the birthday of a character in Genshin impact, players will receive in-game emails from that character, talking about how they spent their birthday. The mail includes that character’s Special Dish (a dish that can only be cooked by that particular character) and a batch of level-up items associated with them. Unlike mail that arrives by a player birthday in Genshin impact, which can be claimed within one year, character Genshin Birthday rewards must be collected within 30 days of that specific character’s birthday or the mail expires. The good news is that a player doesn’t have to own the character to get Genshin impact birthday rewards, so if you missed Venti’s pickup, you will still get birthday mail for him.

Now that the myHoYo role-playing game has been available for over a year, many of these characters will be celebrating their Genshin birthday for the second time. This opens the door to new or additional rewards, although the gifts may certainly remain the same. Characters in Genshin impact have the following birthdays, ordered by month:

  • Diona – January 18
  • Rosaria – January 24
  • Beidou – February 14
  • Kokomi – February 22
  • Bennett – February 29
  • Qiqi-March 3
  • Jean – March 14
  • Noelle – March 21
  • Xiao – April 17
  • Diluc – April 30
  • Fischl – May 27
  • Paimon – June 1
  • Lisa – June 9
  • June 20 – 16
  • Yoimiya – June 21
  • Raiden Shogun (Baal) – June 26
  • Barbara – July 5
  • Hu Tao – July 15
  • Tartaglia (Childe) – July 20
  • Klee – July 27
  • Yanfei-July 28
  • Amber – August 10
  • Ningguang-Aug 26
  • Mona – August 31
  • Chongyun-September 7
  • Razor – September 9
  • Albedo – September 13
  • Ayaka – September 28
  • Xingqiu-October 9
  • Xinyan – October 16
  • Sayu – October 19
  • Kazuha – October 29
  • Xiangling-November 2
  • Xinyan – November 4
  • Keqing – November 20
  • Sucrose – November 26
  • Kaeya – November 30
  • Ganyu – December 2
  • Zhongli – December 31

The level-up items that players receive from the characters in their Genshin impact Birthdays are a good reward for players, as some of them can only be obtained in drops by completing domains, including certain dungeons that can only be accessed on certain days of the week. And if a player doesn’t have a character but receives their birthday rewards, it may not be a total waste. Xiangling, for example, rewards players with 10 Slime Secretions on their birthday, a Material from Character Ascension that is also useful for others. Genshin impact characters like Lisa, Venti and Zhongli, as well as to raise various weapons.

Gifts sent by mail Genshin impact it has been a good way to reward players since the game released, and it remains to be seen if the rewards are the same every year. As more playable characters continue to be added, it is possible Genshin The birthday system will be modified in the future. Regardless, it’s a great way to gift players a small reward and encourage them to log back into the game frequently.

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