Steven called for being mean to animals in Turkey

Steven Johnston of 90 day fiancé He took a companion inventory with his Russian girlfriend Alina in Turkey, and the way he scared off a dog was his biggest red flag for many fans. 90 day fiancé: the other way Episode 6 saw Steven blurting out one explosive confession after another to Alina. Not only did Steven reveal that he was not a virgin, but he also said that he had cheated on her with various girls despite the warnings. As Alina sticks around and hopes Steven deleting his social media can turn things around, fans saw him treating a dog just as terribly as he treats his partner.

While making it clear that he wasn’t ready to marry Alina yet, and she wondered if she could even trust him, Steven wanted to do the practice called companion inventory. This is something Steven did when he was a Mormon missionary that involved two people telling each other about their strengths and weaknesses, along with things that need to be changed. According to Steven, this would help them to have a stronger relationship and be “more effective together. “Alina took this as an opportunity to ask Steven about his girlfriends, and he blamed her for being insecure. But Steven admitted he wasn’t ready to be.”exclusive”With Alina, and up to a month before going to Turkey, I had dates.

But before Steven could reveal these horrible secrets, he wanted to have a “special moment“In the park with Alina and thought of the local stray dogs as a distraction. Steven said “get out of here“At the dogs in an attempt to scare them away and he pushed one of them with his foot. As a Reddit user u / cedwards13 noted, it was during this time that his “hatred for Steven grew moreThan they thought. As Steven was already being criticized for his bizarre and hypocritical behavior at wine tasting, fans like @Vegaschica noticed, “Steven’s little laugh as he tries to kick the dog.. ” 90 day fiancé viewer @nicoleshanique tweeted, “Steven would definitely have kicked the dog if there was no camera equipment.

In the meantime, @ Jesus74 he directed his tweet to Alina, saying: “Leave Steven now. How he treated those dogs tells you everything you need to know. “What’s interesting to fans is that Steven had previously admitted that he is.”all so the insects don’t kill each other because you know, they have spirits tooDespite working in pest control. But Steven clearly didn’t care about dogs, indicating that he may have been lying. Still, some fans defend Steven saying that he did not intend to harm the animal and that he simply “glided smoothly”He pushed it away using his foot. In fact, in a later scene, he was seen carrying pet food to feed the stray cats with Alina.

With the range of red flags that Steven has displayed in 90 day fiancé: the other way So far, all he does is make him look like a hypocrite. Steven has been intimate with women in the past and is not a virgin. However, he wants Alina to be one and stay away from wine in order to exercise her faith, since she has agreed to be baptized. Fans think that Alina should abort the Turkey mission and return to Russia and adopt a dog rather than choose to marry Steven.

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