What happened to the professor?

The professor has disappeared in a trailer for the final season of Money Heist, and there are some probable chances of his whereabouts.

Money Heist season 5 teacher missing

In a trailer for the final season of Money Heist, the professor has disappeared and there are a few options for his whereabouts. In the first look at season 5 of Money Heist, part 2, also known as La Casa de Papel, Lisboa (Itziar Ituño), Palmero (Rodrigo de la Serna), Denver (Jaime Lorente), and the rest of the gang contemplate the teacher. (Álvaro Morte) disappearance and what to do with his molten gold inside the Bank of Spain. Palmero wants to take out the gold, but the others seem unsure, thinking that the police might be aware of the escape route. Unfortunately, Palmero is not interested in “democracy” and insists his plan goes ahead as planned.

The first part of season 5 of Money Heist featured several shocking twists and turns and lingering questions. Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) captures the professor in the season 5 premiere, but her pregnancy changes her plans. Finally she lets the teacher go help deliver her baby, leaving her loyalty to the teacher or his government up in the air. Also, Money Heist apparently killed a major character in the early part of its final season. However, the true fate of the individual could still be a mystery. The professor’s disappearance is shocking in the Money Heist trailer. Lisbon learns of the professor’s disappearance off-camera (or doesn’t answer his call), and then breaks the news quite naturally in the season 5 video. According to her, the professor is missing and the big question is what to do with gold. While the others seemed surprised, Denver is the only one speaking and wondering where the professor could have gone. However, Lisbon does not offer solid explanations. Although the professor’s disappearance is strange, there could be an obvious reason.

money theft season 5 part 2 teacher

If the teacher is missing, there is likely a saboteur. At the end of part 1 of the final season, there are doubts about Alicia Sierra’s loyalty. Although her government dishonored her name and let the professor help her deliver her baby, she also slips into the bathroom and apparently hides a small pair of scissors up her sleeve as a weapon. Before the birth of her baby, she wanted to bring the professor and his accomplices to justice. But instead, she let him go out of necessity. So if the professor is in trouble, Sierra has to be the prime suspect.

Alternatively, there could be more to the professor’s disappearance than meets the eye. It is unknown if the teacher is really missing at the first look at part 2. For example, the disappearance could be part of the plan. Yes Money robbery It has taught the fans something, is that the teacher is always planning. Also, the trailer has Denver’s question if the professor is in the “Bermuda Triangle“The professor previously mentioned the Bermuda Triangle in part 1 of the final season.”Madrid is not the Bermuda Triangle. ” he said while discussing how to hide Marseille (Luka Peroš) and a police helicopter. That plan involved significant deception, and the professor’s disappearance likely does too.


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