Wolverine can’t escape reliving his most iconic death

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Hell # 1

In the new Marvel Comics Hell event, the X-Men Glutton can’t escape reliving one of his most iconic deaths over and over again. The anti-mutant Orchis organization has become too powerful with the Return of Sentinel Nimrod, although there has been very little that the mutants of Krakoa have been able to do to stop them. While the island nation has been continually dispatching teams to attempt to destroy Orchis, none have succeeded despite resurrecting and dispatching the same mutants with each attempt. This includes Wolverine, who has been caught in a brutal loop experiencing one of his most brutal deaths multiple times.

In this first issue of Hell By Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti, it is revealed that Krakoa has already attempted sixteen times to destroy Orchis and Nimrod using a variety of means. While some attempts have involved hiring assassins and sending alien Brood to do the job, most have been deploying the same mutants over and over again. However, no matter what they have tried, everything has failed. Nimrod has proven himself too powerful, capable of countering all sorts of abilities and destroying mutant teams with extreme prejudice. Weather Wolverine has been part of X-Force teams shipped with each resurrection, the end result has never been pretty.

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Hell # 1 represents Krakoa’s sixteenth attempt, seeing Nimrod defeat Domino, Omega Kid, and Wolverine as he has apparently done multiple times before. However, Nimrod burns all the flesh of Wolverine’s Adamantium Covered Bones, a nod to Logan’s most famous death by Sentinel as seen in Days of future past. Additionally, as Orchis reviews the footage from this latest raid, it is revealed that they have been collecting Wolverine’s skeletons, of which they now have several thanks to Logan’s vicious circle of resurrection after continually experiencing one of the worst ways he’s ever been. appeared in Marvel Comics. ‘ last.

While Krakoa has a reserve of adamantium that they have been using to re-graft the metal into Wolverine’s skeleton whenever he needs to be resurrected, they must be depleting the rare and nearly indestructible metal. Logan’s past skeletons continue to fall into the hands of Orchis, and it is unknown what they might do with them in the future. It’s certainly possible that everything will come back to haunt the ancient Weapon X with the next X Lives / Deaths of Wolverine event. Perhaps Orchis will find a way to weaponize adamantium skeletons in the future, forcing Wolverine to fight elements of his own past self.

In any case, it will be interesting to see where Krakoa goes from here. Since resurrected mutants don’t remember raids, it seems like they’ll keep trying until they succeed (despite their inability to learn and adjust to their mistakes). All Krakoa knows is that Nimrod is back online and Orchis must be destroyed. As such, Glutton He seems determined to stop them at all costs, even if it means continually reliving one of their worst deaths.

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