15 best swashbuckling pirate movies, according to Rotten Tomatoes

Yes friends! It’s time to sail the seven seas and seek adventure with these classic pirate movies. The life of a pirate is a life of freedom, danger, and debauchery that makes for perfect entertainment. Pirate movies are fun and exciting adventure movies that offer a little bit of everything.

There are usually great fight scenes, ship battles, and even some romance. Audiences can have fun with these films, and most critics cannot deny their joy at having the opportunity to get involved in the pirate world.

Updated October 7, 2021 by Rose Graceling-Moore Pirates continue to be a source of fascination for audiences, with recent offerings including the Netflix miniseries The Lost Pirate Kingdom (which achieved an impressive 100% on Rotten Tomatoes). The Pirates of the Caribbean pirate movie franchise continues to grow as well, with reports of a female-starring installment in the works. In the meantime, these classics, twists, and new favorites are enough to keep any pirate happy!

fifteen Muppet’s Treasure Island – 73%

Muppet Treasure Island is a retelling of the classic novel, but with The Muppets. The Muppets fit very well in this movie, with Kermit the Frog as captain and Gonzo as a member of the crew. However, the star of this movie is Tim Curry as Long John Silver, who is clearly having the time of his life playing a pirate alongside the Muppet characters.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this movie is the creative and memorable musical numbers that are sure to get stuck in fans’ heads. It has a lot of humor, heart and family pirate entertainment. While many pirate movies are certainly not appropriate for younger viewers, this is a sanitized version of piracy that anyone can enjoy.

14 The Goonies – 76%

The goonies is the definition of a good time. Follow a group of curious kids searching for a lost pirate treasure after stumbling across a treasure map. Along the way, they will face dangerous enemies and obstacles that they must cross to find the treasure, in a classic treasure hunt.

The goonies has many pirate moments, including a treasure room on a ship that was owned by a character named One-Eyed Willy. Critics really enjoyed this family adventure and it is considered a classic 80s movie. It is hard to watch this movie and not get carried away by the adventure.

13 Peter Pan (2003) – 77%

When it comes to movies that tell the story of Peter Pan, most people think of the Disney animated classic and Hook. However, this 2003 version of the classic story was overlooked by many, yet it is considered one of the best versions by critics who found it to be a faithful adaptation that still manages to be a great fantasy story.

Captain Hook is a legendary pirate character on a mission to get revenge on Peter. Here, he is played by Jason Isaacs, who always loves to play the evil characters. This version of Peter Pan It may have been forgotten, but it deserves more attention.

12 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 79%

While it’s not the highest-rated movie on this list, pirates of the Caribbean It is one of the most famous pirate movies. Based on the popular attraction in Disney Parks around the world, pirates of the Caribbean it’s unbelievably nice. It has an incredible sword fight, a cool story with a unique mythology, and a world captivated by its swashbuckling atmosphere.

Jack Sparrow is the most iconic pirate character ever filmed, spearheaded by a great performance by Johnny Depp. However, Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa also competes for the best pirate in cinema. It is one of the largest franchises in history and people love to revisit these characters. Plus, Hans Zimmer’s incredible score is the theme song for all things pirates, forever. Yet surprisingly, the rest of the franchise doesn’t do as well on the aggregate site, with many of the movies achieving a ‘rotten’ rating.

eleven The Pirates of Penzance – 81%

The pirates of Penzance is a 1983 romantic musical comedy. Based on the Broadway play, the movie looks like it was straight out of Broadway. since the sets are very obvious and the musical atmosphere is in every frame of this film. It has lots of entertaining pirate moments, but the musical numbers are also clever, catchy, and fit the pirate world.

It still manages to be a pirate adventure and at the same time is a great musical. The action may not be as exciting as other pirate movies, but there are still plenty of things critics love about this goofy pirate musical.

10 Peter Pan (1953) – 81%

From Disney Peter Pan is an animated classic that makes viewers wish they could remain kids forever. While there are moments in Peter Pan that have aged incredibly poorly, there is still so much to love here. The animation is colorful, bright, and beautiful throughout. Peter Pan It also has wonderful songs that will make any fan want to fly to the second star from the right.

Captain Hook is one of Disney’s greatest villains, and it’s just as easy to love his silly sidekick, Mr. Smee. Hook and his pirate crew turn this animated fantasy into an imaginative pirate tale.

9 Blackbeard’s Ghost – 82%

Blackbeard’s ghost is another Disney pirate adventure from 1968. This movie is about a track coach who has a supernatural encounter with the ghost of the infamous pirate Blackbeard. This sounds like an odd concept, but critics really enjoyed the film and found it to be solid family entertainment that generates some laughs and is immensely creative.

It is an intriguing concept, as it mixes the present with the world of pirates. It turns out that these two worlds merge much better than expected.

8 The Black Swan – 83%

This pirate movie is an absolute classic, from 1942, and winner of an Academy Award (for best cinematography). The plot revolves around Henry Morgan, rogue pirates, the governor of Jamaica and a beautiful daughter … all the classic ingredients of a swordsman.

While some elements of the movie may seem outdated nowadays, it’s a pirate movie that still deserves the rating it gets, especially since it’s just a great straightforward adventure movie. This isn’t a movie that will appeal to those who want twists and turns, or historical accuracy, but anyone who wants swordfights and romance will be delighted.

7 The Pirates: Band Of Misfits – 86%

The pirates: gang of misfits is a 2012 stop-motion animated film about a gang of rogue pirates. This movie has a tremendous voice cast, including Hugh Jackman, Salma Hayek, Brendan Gleeson, and Martin Freeman.

Animation is impressive too, especially since stop-motion is a difficult form of animation that takes a long time to complete. The effort paid off here though, as critics seem to love this movie. While it is a silly movie, critics praised the movie for having a lot of clever and clever humor mixed with a wonderful cast and beautiful animation.

6 The Seahawk – 93%

The true 1940s classic stars Errol Flynn as Geoffrey Thorpe, Queen Elizabeth’s man on the high seas. Focusing on the conflict between Queen Elizabeth and the Spanish (and their famous ‘sea wolves’ of the time), there are many sword fights to be found here, enough that the film was nominated for four Oscars.

Spies, Pirates, Adventures, Battles and more is set in an impressive soundtrack, and although the film is in black and white (and many aspects of it can be considered outdated today) it is still a classic … and a movie for show that it is fair. how long pirates have been popular on the big screen.

5 Captain Phillips – 93%

Unlike most pirate movies, Captain Phillips neither is it a romanticized look at piracy or set in the Golden Age of Piracy. Instead, this modern film looks at piracy as it still exists, a violent and terrifying part of shipping and shipping. Based on a true life story, the film centers on a merchant ship taken hostage by pirates in 2009.

This is not the movie for those looking for swashbuckling adventures for the whole family, but for those looking for an action movie with real depth and intensity. The film was nominated for six Oscars.

4 Swallows and Amazons – 94%

This recent ‘pirates’ movie is an incredibly wholesome look at children playing pirates and sailors in the Lake District in the 1930s. Based on the novel of the same name, it’s a sweet adventure about a simpler time. … at the same time as it is an amazing adventure, when the children team up to take down a real life criminal. There may be no sword fights, but there are some incredible action scenes involving a seaplane that more than make up for it.

Treasure maps, imagination and the power of friendship take center stage in this sweet pirate movie appropriate for all ages.

3 The Princess Bride – 97%

The princess Bride is an iconic film, filled with memorable moments and quotes that stand the test of time. The characters are equally memorable, from Buttercup and Westley to Fezzik and Inigo Montoya. Directed by Rob Reiner, The princess Bride is a fun movie that combines action, comedy and romance.

It’s a great fantasy adventure that critics and audiences loved when it first came out and still love it today. It’s more of a fantasy movie than a pirate movie, but there are great sword fights that turn into swashbuckling entertainment. Looking The princess Bride without a smile is inconceivable.

2 The Crimson Pirate – 100%

With a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, The crimson pirate it’s a near-perfect pirate movie (for its time, of course). Made in 1952, the film stars Burt Lancaster as the pirate Captain Vallo, a classic swordsman who falls in love with a beautiful woman and must save her from a hateful marriage.

This may be a predictable movie, as it meets many of the tropes of classic Hollywood movies, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

1 Treasure Island – 100%

Disney is the king of pirate-themed entertainment. Treasure Island is a classic pirate tale about Jim Hawkins who meets Long John Silver on a journey to retrieve a lost pirate treasure. This adaptation of the classic novel is much more faithful to the novel than Muppet Treasure Island and critics praised him for bringing the novel to life.

It has a lot of pirate action but still manages to capture the family fun that Disney is so well known for. Disney gave Treasure Island a sci-fi twist with animation Treasure planet, but this version from 1950 is the most loved by critics.


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