Allison Argent’s 8 Most Romantic Quotes

Although Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) was not in the six seasons of Teen wolf it had a profound effect on the audience. Always being one of the friendliest characters in Teen wolf Fans loved watching her grow into a strong and empowered hunter and witnessing her epic, star-crossed romance with Scott McCall (Tyler Posey).

Although Allison became more closed as her story progressed, one thing she never hid was her feelings for Scott. While they may have parted ways at the end of season 2 (and Allison started other romances), it was clear that the love she had for Scott still remained, as she always spoke of him fondly and lovingly. Maybe it’s because Scott was her first love or one of her best friends, but Allison was kind of a romantic writer when he was around.

In the initial stages of their relationship, fans get a bit of information on what attracted Allison to Scott in the first place. In a conversation with Lydia Martin (Holland Roden), Allison reveals that she felt an instant connection with Scott unlike anything she had ever experienced before. In fact, it was so great that it literally made Allison change all the plans and goals she had for the year.

Allison’s confession is relatable as well, as many people often describe how love can be unpredictable and spontaneous. A person may not be able to fully understand what draws them to this feeling or not even understand it, but that does not mean that they are not enjoying what they are experiencing.

While Allison’s loyalty was put to the test between her family and Scott’s pack in season 2, the young hunter assured her boyfriend that he was the person she trusted the most in the world.

This was a big problem for Allison, as most of her life had involved her family keeping big secrets from her. Although Scott had kept a good deal of secrets too, what mattered most to Allison was the fact that he actually wanted to tell her the truth. Telling Scott that she trusted him more than anyone in her life was something of a romantic gesture, as he truly believed that he would have lost her because of the things he had hidden from her.

Although this quote came in the middle of a Scott and Allison fight, there is a kind of sweet meaning within the conversation as fans realize that Allison has started to notice some of Scott’s quirks and tales.

Parallel to a similar scene from earlier in the episode, where Scott told Allison that he knew when she was lying, she also told Scott that she knew when he did too. Right now, the couple had only been dating for two months, so for her noticing even the smallest detail was quite sweet. It showed that she was really interested in their relationship and learning everything about him.

Allison ended up having one of the saddest death scenes in Teen wolf after the Oni fatally wounded her. However, just before he died, he managed to share a final and emotional farewell with Scott, confessing his feelings for the last time.

Many fans were devastated by the loss, as some hoped that the pair would have rejoined in the future. However, this speech proved one thing. Despite the fact that both characters began new romances with other people, Allison never stopped loving Scott; something would always have drawn her to him, so it was only fitting that he was by her side when she drew her last breath.

With the tensions between the supernatural and the Hunters getting worse in season 2, Scott had a lot on his plate. What Teen wolf Fans watched Scott try to be the best leader he could be for his pack, figure out Kanima’s identity and control his powers, he needed someone to punish him, which is where Allison came into play.

While Allison knew Scott couldn’t stand by while people got hurt, she looked out for his well-being to make sure he didn’t burn out. He also wanted to remind him that his actions didn’t just affect him, so doing something impulsive could have consequences for those who loved him the most. For the first two seasons, Allison acted as a kind of moral compass for Scott, so her thoughts and advice often led him to think of a more practical plan. She eventually made him a better and more mature person.

There’s a reason so many fans say Allison and Scott’s romance is the epitome of first love. From the moment they met, they became obsessed with each other, refusing to part because they believed it would be unbearable.

Allison gave everyone an idea of ​​the depth of her feelings when she told Lydia that she couldn’t stop counting the seconds until they were together again. This was something that fans found endearing and cute, as it really summed up what it’s like to be young and to be in love for the first time.

In season 2, Allison and Scott continued to make strides in their relationship, and the couple discussed how they would have liked their future to be.

Not only did Allison show how much her feelings had grown since they started dating, but her confession also showed much more maturity, as it seemed like she was contemplating the next stages of her life.

The statement “Because I love you” became an important staple in Scott and Allison’s relationship, as they often sent notes or messages to each other with the phrase. However, the most important to Allison was probably the day she decided to say the words for the first time after seeing Scott in his werewolf form.

Not only does Allison use the exact same words Scott had said before, but her romantic profession also marks the point where Allison fully embraces all of Scott’s parts, including his supernatural side. Given that most people would probably be petrified if they found out that their partner is a werewolf, this was undoubtedly a huge milestone in their relationship and one of the most romantic gestures of all. Teen wolf.

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