Punisher Writer Reveals Hero Has “Mountains” Of Untold Stories

the Punisher has become one of Marvel Comics’ best-known antiheroes and he has managed to hold the attention of fans through his brutal vigilantism and cruel delivery of justice. After its initial introduction, the Punisher got his own series which grew into many more after that, including Punisher: War Diary and the acclaimed Punisher: MAX. It’s safe to say that fans have had the chance to read a lot of stories starring the Punisher, but a Marvel Comics writer just revealed that there are “mountains” of unreleased stories!

In a Tweet posted by comic book writer Dan Slott, the writer reveals that he once worked with legendary Silver Age comic book artist Gil Kane on a Punisher book that never saw the light, a revelation that was announced while talking about a completely different comic. Slott’s original post was about a fairly unknown Marvel Comics character named the Two-Gun Kid. Slott said he worked with Kane in a particularly violent situation. Boy with two guns This number was censored prior to publication, but was later released in its entirety free of charge in a special Gil Kane tribute issue. The high-octane violence and his working relationship with Gil Kane naturally progressed the thread toward a revelation about the mysterious unpublished Punisher books.

“I did two Punisher inventory editions for the Punisher office that were completely penciled, inked, and lettered.” Slott wrote on the Twitter thread announcing this Punisher reveal. “When the office changed hands, the new editor saw [there] they were mountains of Punisher inventory stories, “continued Slott,” so the new editor made a tough decision and KILLED all that inventory. ” The writer then addressed how embarrassing it is that fans have never been able to experience not just his work on the Punisher problems, but also Gil Kane. “So somewhere there are unpublished pages of Gil Kane Punisher. Let that sink in for a moment. ”

For fans who may not be aware, or do not understand why Dan Slott expressed so much remorse for the unreleased. Punisher problems, it is most likely due to the giant that Gil Kane was in the industry. Gil Kane was a comic book artist whose career spanned from the 1940s to the 1990s. He died on January 31, 2000, but his legacy will endure forever, as he was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame and the Harvey Award Hall of Fame Jack Kirby for Lifetime Achievements in the Comic Strip Industry.

While fans are surely saddened by the unpublished work of one of the industry’s most popular writers and a legendary comic book artist, the mystery behind his work is undoubtedly exhilarating, especially given the subject matter of his work. The Punisher is a character who rarely sees extreme development, making him something of a blank slate for comic book writers and artists, able to do whatever they want with him without affecting much of his established canon, already. that there is very little of Punisher established canon to begin with. The “mountains” of the unpublished Punisher The stories are not fundamental to the character base, and while it is undoubtedly a shame that fans cannot read the never-seen pages of Dan Slott and Gil Kane, the mystery of those surely epic pages. is almost as good as another installment in The Punisher saga.


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