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The Fantastic Four count some of the greatest Marvel Comics supervillains as their enemies, such as Doctor Doom or Galactus. Most of them are men, but some of their adversaries in the last sixty years have been women. Some are quite well known to comic book readers, while others are a bit more obscure.

Loyalties often change in the comics, even Doctor Doom has worked with the FF on occasion, so it should come as no surprise that some of his enemies have allied with the team on occasion. But all of them are powerful and potential enemies for the Fantastic Four when they finally make their MCU debut in the next few years.

10 Karisma

Karisma is a rather dark villain from the classic directed by John Byrne, who was responsible for some of the best. Fantastic four history arcs in the 80s. His main power was the ability to control men through a strange and powerful invention.

Karisma instilled a special radioactive isotope in the makeup products she designed, allowing her to make men do whatever she wanted. However, the product did not work on women, making his schemes for criminal companies extremely vulnerable to Invisible Woman.

9 Psycho-woman

Fantastic Four fans are likely familiar with Psycho-Man, but may not be aware of his daughter, Psycho-Woman. On Fantastic four Annual # 32, he sought revenge against the team for their battles against his father.

Although her powers of emotional manipulation were essentially the same as his, there were some key differences. His emotional focus was envy, disgust, and indifference, while Psycho-Man fed on fear, hatred, and doubt. She could also change her size at will, but that didn’t help her achieve her goal of revenge.

8 helmet

Thundra went back in time from the 23rd century to fight The Thing in single combat, as he thought he was the strongest man on Earth. She is incredibly strong herself, easily equal to him, and although she doesn’t have his rocky exterior, she is almost as invulnerable.

Thundra has superhuman speed, stamina, and reflexes, all of which make her one of the greatest martial artists in Marvel Comics. Even with his superior combat skills, he also wields various weapons, including his favorite instrument, a chain link.

7 Titania

Titania has been a member of the Terrifying Four and a fairly regular antagonist of the Fantastic Four since her debut in 1985. Secret wars event. She is incredibly strong, strong enough to take on The Thing and She-Hulk, who has since become her main nemesis.

Titania is also extremely durable and highly reflective, making her a challenging opponent in any fight. His many battles with She-Hulk comprise a number of incredible stories that the upcoming She-Hulk MCU series could adapt, especially since the character is slated to appear.

6 Lucia von Bardas

Lucia von Bardas is the Prime Minister of the fictional Marvel Comics country of Latveria, who came to power after Doctor Doom was expelled from the country. Augmented with cybernetic implants created by Doom, she is a powerful antagonist who has been a thorn in the side of the Fantastic Four and SHIELD.

Its implants allow it to fly and generate energy shields, making it safe against most forms of attack. However, it is susceptible to hacking, as Ironheart and Doom himself have shown in combat against it.

5 jellyfish

Medusa is one of the most powerful Inhumans and has been an enemy of the Fantastic Four at times. While a member of the original Grievous Four, he used his abundant red hair as his primary weapon.

Through psionic control, she can manipulate her long, loose hair into whips, lashes, or ropes. His hair is incredibly strong, with the pulling force to lift a massive weight. It is also very resistant to damage of any kind. Because she is an Inhuman, Medusa is also super strong, agile, and durable.

4 Malice

Malice is a psionic entity who took over the mind of the Invisible Woman, with the unwanted help of the Psycho-Man and his soldier, Hate-Monger. Since she was in control of Sue Storm, Malice had all of Sue’s powers at her disposal.

Malice could not only turn invisible, but she could also make others invisible, generate force fields, and in some cases create invisible projectiles. Because of this, it was very difficult to defeat, and Sue Storm repeatedly fought for control over the years.

3 Nebula / Ravonna Renslayer

Comic book fans know that Ravonna Renslayer is Kang The Conqueror’s lover. They may not know that she was also an enemy of the Fantastic Four. While posing as Nebula, he manipulated the team into entering the time stream in a massive bid to achieve the power to destroy Kang.

Although Ravonna’s powers and abilities are limited in nature, she was a master of disguise. His ambitions could also be the greatest of the Fantastic Four’s enemies. He nearly managed to destroy the team by putting them face to face with Galactus and the first use of the Ultimate Nullifier in Marvel Comics.

2 New star

Nova is not entirely a villain to the Fantastic Four, but as Galactus’s herald, she is inherently at odds with them. Frankie Raye was the girlfriend of Human Torch for a time, but then she accepted an offer from Galactus to become his herald.

She gained Cosmic Power and unreservedly assisted him in his quest to consume worlds. With the Power Cosmic, he was able to fly at the speed of light, project devastating blasts of cosmic energy equal to those of solar flares, and manipulate cosmic energy at will.

1 Lyja

Lyja is a tragic figure who betrayed the Fantastic Four. A Skrull in disguise, she posed as Alicia Masters for years in the comics, using her natural ability to shapeshift to spy on the team for her masters. She also has superhuman strength, agility, and stamina. Its Skrull physiology also includes wings, allowing it to fly.

Although he resisted his mission and genuinely cared for the team, he nonetheless carried it out, evidence of his focus and determination, both powerful assets that nearly brought down the Fantastic Four.


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