Is it worth the reward?

Finding the Barenziah stones is perhaps one of the most notorious quests of all Skyrimas players must scour the entire expansive map of the game in search of Barenziah’s crown pieces. Many gamers may not even bother to put in the effort, as unmarked items are notoriously difficult to locate which can be easily lost. As a result, few receive the reward that the mission offers. However, is the Barenziah Stones reward worth it in the first place?

The mission “No Stone Unturned” begins when players discover their first Barenziah Stone, a collection of 24 unusual gems scattered across the map. By taking it to an appraiser, something that requires the Dragonborn to become a member of SkyrimThieves Guild and talk to Vex: the objective of finding every last of the unmarked gems begins. Once all have been recovered, players must retrieve the Crown of Barenziah, which can be retrieved from Tolvald’s Cave.

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The reward for collecting all the Barenizah Stones is a unique ability, Prowler’s Profit, which significantly increases the chance of finding multiple gems in locations such as chests or looted enemies. The completed Barenziah Crown is also displayed along with other items recovered at the Thieves Guild headquarters. Other than that though, there isn’t much incentive to locate all of the Barenziah Stones, especially considering how difficult it is compared to most others and best side missions in Skyrim.

Prowler’s Profit may seem like a valuable skill to players just starting out, but even then, its usefulness is questionable at best. A lots of Skyrim Players are not necessarily concerned with earnings, especially those who have joined the Thieves Guild, a necessary requirement to evaluate the Barenziah Stones in the first place. Stolen items are objectively easier to find and deliver for profit than legitimately obtained loot. On top of that, given how much SkyrimIt is necessary to scout the map to find the Barenziah Stones, most players will be well past the point of lacking gold. The reward is only worth it for those who seek completely complete SkyrimThieves Guild collection. So the answer to “Is the Barenziah Stones reward worth it?” it would be “no”.

Perhaps that is why it is so common for Skyrim players simply tweak their way around the difficulty. The stones of Barenziah Quest Markers mod in the game Nexus The page has more than 1.5 million downloads for Skyrim Special Edition alone, and multiple guides and checklists can be found at SkyrimOnline community to help find unmarked Barenziah’s Stones for players who do not want to modify their game. Overall, the Barenziah Stones seem like a good idea in practice. A treasure hunt in Skyrim it’s a great way to do players explore places they might not otherwise consider venture out, and it gives even high-level characters something to fight for. In practice, however, the effort it requires is not worth the paltry reward.

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