Poison: Let there be slaughter

Picking up where Poison Stopped, Poison: Let there be slaughter takes on the wide-eyed symbiote with his greatest enemy: Carnage. First, however, Venom will have to come to terms with both his host body and his own place in the world.

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Poison: Let there be slaughter spends most of his time on the dynamic between Eddie Brock and Venom. However, there is still a wide range of new and returning characters who can be assigned one of the 12 signs on the astrological chart.

12 Aries – Cletus Kasady

The Aries is someone who gets angry so often that he forgets why he got angry in the first place. Rams get bored without constant stimulation and will do almost anything if prompted. Cletus Kasady almost never stops getting angry.

Kasady says that she has had a difficult life (that is, abuse by her grandmother and mother), but does not know how to use her anger for positive means. The red-haired serial killer may appear simple, like a child constantly smiling. His preferred stimulus is (appropriately) carnage, which he frequently embraces. Going to that prison cell was one of the worst decisions Eddie Brock has ever made. Had he stayed away from Kasady, the killer would never have been exposed to the symbiote that allows him to experience violence on a whole new level.

eleven Taurus – Anne Weying

A Taurus will be happy with the status quo. They think logically and often find themselves rigidly adhering to a schedule. Because of this, the Bull is often considered a tough head. Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) is probably the only non-symbiote stubborn enough to put up with Eddie Brock.

Besides being the most nice character in Poison: Let there be slaughterWeying is a strictly logical thinker. Emotion rarely takes hold of her and she can face potentially catastrophic situations with a clear head. This agency was seen in Poison and again in Poison: Let there be slaughter (although with less screen time).

10 Gemini – Poison

A twin can capture the attention of an entire room with his voice. They have the mind of a Renaissance man and are involved in many subjects. Lastly, a Gemini can change any awkward conversation with a joke. All of these traits indicate someone who is great at a party. And, as seen in Poison: Let there be slaughterVenom is great at a party.

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A Renaissance man is someone who can tackle almost any task with a comparable level of efficiency. Venom has the curious mind of a child and tends to do his best regardless of the setting. Venom also has the tendency to crack a joke in the middle of an argument, deflating the tension between him and the host – Eddie Brock. This occasionally results in some of Venom’s roughest quotes.

9 Cancer – Dr. Dan Lewis |

Crabs are very sensitive to stimuli and often seek a safe environment. A Cancer will forgive a transgression, but will never get to the point of forgetting it. They will put themselves in a vulnerable position for others often, but they usually have a personal line that should not be crossed.

Dr. Dan Lewis (now Weying’s fiancĂ©) doesn’t have much to do in Poison: Let there be slaughterBut when he becomes the center of attention, it is for good reason. When his fiancĂ©e is kidnapped, Dan puts aside his tension with Brock in favor of being proactive.

8 Leo – Butcher Shop

When interacting with the Lion, a great personality should be expected. Leos are the creative type with the desire and ability to make an impression. Carnage impresses no matter what room she’s in, even if the other occupants don’t tend to leave her alive.

Carnage employs creative solutions to his terror (i.e. letting the other prisoners out during his escape / jailbreak from Kasady). Above all, however, Carnage wants to dominate. He wants to kill Venom (essentially his father) and cause harm to the world with impunity.

7 Virgo – Detective Mulligan

As long as there is an activity in progress, Virgo will be fine. However, if they don’t feel like their talents are being used, they will shut down. In general, Virgo is a good-hearted solver with a critical tone. Detective Mulligan is a solver and is constantly on the go (while also using his talents on the job).

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Mulligan gets his fair share of Poison: Let there be slaughternarrative weight. He is responsible for Shriek losing his eye and at least partially responsible for Kasady’s incarceration. Also, Mulligan looks like a man who only feels alive when he wears the insignia.

6 Libra – Ms. Chen

Scales are social butterflies that prefer a permanent sense of peace. A Libra likes to analyze each side of a conflict rather than just his own, but has a hard time making decisions in times of stress. Ms. Chen certainly engages in the analysis, constantly criticizing Brock’s latest decision or physical appearance every time he is in her store.

She is one of the few people who know Venom. Most would look at the situation with a fearful disposition; Ms. Chen, however, sees it from Venom and Brock’s points of view (realizing that they need each other). Also, Ms. Chen seems perfectly content in her shop, which gives her a sense of peace.

5 Scorpio – Eddie Brock

The scorpion is happily sitting quietly in the back corner of the room. They will relax with their legs stretched out, seemingly indifferent to the opinions of others. However, if there is chemistry, Scorpio’s eyes will hold steady and never let go. Eddie Brock doesn’t have many close people in his life, but those he loves he protects with everything in him.

Eddie Brock has changed since Poison, but has not yet reached adulthood. He has a hard time expressing his feelings, especially to Weying (for whom he still carries a torch), but he can still captivate her with his gaze.

4 Sagittarius – Young screech

The goalkeeper is emotional but has the urge to excel. A Sagittarius uses his words as weapons, but usually speaks the truth. They also tend to question their value.

The younger version of Shriek / Barrison is in a single scene from Poison: Let there be slaughter, but with that time it is clear that he speaks with sincerity. She has been beaten by life and the cruel people around her. But with Kasady, he feels free to engage in open communication.

3 Capricorn – Dr. Pazzo

The Capricorn is the friend who seems older than his age indicates. They are responsible and take their particular duty in life seriously. However, the Goat is initially cold to strangers and stifles emotion in favor of professional success. Dr. Pazzo, Shriek’s main physician, doesn’t appear much in the film, but with the time provided it is obvious that she is driven by her career.

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Pazzo is completely cold to everyone she meets. This is doubly true of Shriek, to whom Dr. Pazzo is especially cruel. He lacks emotion in all his scenes, often with the ironclad reserve of someone focused on his career and productivity.

2 Aquarius – Frances Barrison / Shriek

The Water Bearer is not interested in feelings. They are much more compelled to build a life made up of as much independence as possible. Natural, considering that an Aquarius tends to feel like an outcast anyway.

Frances Barrison has no interest in spending her time with another human being, with the sole exception of Kassidy. Outside of Carnage, she is the most antisocial character in the movie. Barrison (Shriek) is about escaping from prison in favor of a life where he can do whatever he wants when he wants to do it.

1 Pisces – Young Cletus

A fish has a strange way of looking both wise and immature at the same time. They often mistake reality for dreams and have the racing heart of a romantic.

The younger version of Kasady is barely in Poison: Let there be slaughter but it was obvious even at that age that he had the heart of a romantic. His love for Barrison is what sustained him (and vice versa for her). In her jelly cell, all Kasady could do was talk to her love and her dream.

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