The biggest news from the cast this week (October 8)

As the competition heats up The voice Season 21, this has been another news-filled week, ever since coach Ariana Grande had mixed reactions when Ed Sheeran joined the show as a mentor. With the introduction of Ariana as a new coach, The voice Season 21 premiered on Monday, September 20 on NBC. Since then, dozens of aspiring singers have performed at his Blind Auditions for a chance to join one of the coaching teams.

Unfortunately, it has been harder than ever for coaches Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and John Legend to convince the singers to join their respective teams as they face off against Ariana, one of the world’s biggest pop stars in this moment. This season, the coaches were again tasked with filling their starting teams with 12 contestants. That being said, it is important to note that this is only the first phase of The voice season 21. We still have a lot of competition ahead of us.

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This was an important week for The voice as the next rounds were started and new additions to the program were announced. Fans have also been very active on social media, sharing their thoughts on contestants advancing in the competition versus singers who didn’t get a spot on either team. So, it’s time to break down all the biggest events of the week.

After six episodes aired over the course of three weeks on NBC, all of the Blind auditions in The voice season 21 now they are officially over. Each coach currently has 12 contestants on their respective teams. Notable singers include those who got all four coaches to flip for them at Blind Auditions, such as Girl Named Tom, Gymani, Wendy Moten, Holly Forbes, Carson Peters, Brittany Bree, and Aaron Hines. All singers will now move to the Battle round. Only eight singers are expected to survive the Battles. Then the remaining contestants will face off in the next round of Knockouts.

A very important moment this week was Ariana turning her red chair around for the David Vogel Blind Audition. David sang Ariana’s song “Breathing”, which made her feel particularly compelled to turn around for him. Unfortunately, she was the only coach who turned around for him. As a result, The voice fans had mixed reactions to Ariana turning his chair for David. These viewers argue that Ari probably felt guilty for not looking for a singer to perform a song of hers, but that this Blind Audition was probably not worthy of a spot on Team Ariana. With that said, it should be noted that this is just a matter of personal preference. Ariana probably heard something special in David’s voice.

Now that the blind auditions are behind us, The voice Season 21 will advance to the Battle round. In August 2021, four different advisers were announced for each team. Team Ariana will have Kristin Chenoweth, Team Legend will have Camila Cabello, Team Kelly will have Jason Aldean and Team Blake will have Dierks Bentley. After the battles, the contestants will proceed to the Knockouts round. This week, pop superstar Ed Sheeran was chosen as the mega mentor for the Knockouts. Ed will be the mentor to all the singers left on the show, collaborating with all four coaches.

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The voice Season 21 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm ET / PT on NBC.

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