Top 10 Modern Animated Superhero Shows, Ranked By IMDb

There is no question that there are more superhero movies and TV shows available today than at any other time in history. While a lot of accolades have gone to live action projects like Loki and Boys or movies like Suicide Squad 2 and basically everything Marvel Cinematic Universe, animated movies and TV shows are equally good.

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Some viewers may not take them seriously because they are cartoons, but all someone has to do is watch the 2018 ones. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to see how cool they can be. The same goes for television, with some modern superhero animated shows getting tons of praise.

10 MODOK (2021) – 6.3 – Stream on Hulu

Although he was the main antagonist of the Marvel Avengers video game, it’s pretty clear that MODOK is some kind of goofy-looking character. A giant floating head on a chair doesn’t seem very intimidating, and that’s the idea that the Hulu series MODOK played.

The show followed the titular villain as he tried to juggle his empire and family life. The way the world was built, some of the relationships MODOK had, and the stop-motion animation style were praised. the The voice cast was also a hilarious highlight., directed by Patton Oswalt, Melissa Fuermo, Aimee GarcĂ­a and Ben Schwartz.

9 ULTRAMAN (2019-Present) – 6.9 – Streaming on Netflix

Ultraman is a hero who has been around for decades right now and has been adopted many times. His costume has become quite iconic and the character has remained popular since the 1970s. He has been a part of video games, movies, miniseries, television shows, and more. Ultraman could even end up in the Monsterverse alongside Godzilla and King Kong, as he is the first tokusatsu hero in history

One of the most recent iterations of a project starring the character is Netflix ULTRAMAN, which premiered in 2019. The 13-episode run received widespread praise from those who gave the series a chance, and season 2 is scheduled to arrive in early 2022.

8 Avengers Assemble (2012-2019) – 7.0 – Streaming on Disney +

If ever there was a perfect time to launch a show about Marvel’s greatest team, it was in 2012. The MCU was really taking off and the Avengers surpassed the elusive $ 1 billion mark at the box office. So it makes sense that United Avengers it was a hit series with Captain America, Black Widow, and more.

Part of what made the show so well received was how it continually expanded the universe and lore. Subsequent seasons shifted to adapt comic bows like Secret Wars and it also brought people like Black Panther and Thanos. It would be difficult to find a larger combination of Marvel characters on one screen.

7 Ax Cop (2012-2015) – 7.4 – VRV Streaming

At the end of 2009, Police ax debuted as a webcomic and the premise is basically correct in the name. The series follows a police officer who chooses to use an ax when fighting. The comic was adapted into a Fox TV series in 2013 before FXX took over in 2015.

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Although not the most popular modern animated superhero series, it received critical acclaim. One of the main reasons he was loved was the voice cast with Nick Offerman at the helm and guest appearances by Alison Brie, Stephanie Beatriz, Jemima Kirke, Giancarlo Esposito and more.

6 Generator Rex (2010-2013) – 7.6 – Buy on Amazon

The 1999 comic M. Rex served as inspiration for the 2010 television series Generator Rex. Again, this is a series that immediately stood out for its voice cast, which featured JK Simmons, Daryl Sabara, and Fred Savage. One of the highlights was that this Cartoon Network series crossover with other shows.

2011 saw an episode that also featured characters from Ben 10. Although the series ended nearly a decade ago, it returned for a special titled I Gen 10 in 2021, which shows that he still has some legs. The program was developed in a future where humans were infected by bots and a young man had the special ability to control those bots.

5 What if…? (2021-Present) – 7.6 – Stream on Disney +

The MCU finally got into the animated action with the What if…? Serie. The idea was to take the characters that audiences had fallen in love with over the last decade and put them in situations and stories from other universes. Fans got to see T’Challa as Star-Lord, a world where Hank Pym murdered the Avengers, and Ultron wielding the Infinity Stones.

The animation style was an instant hit, although some of the episodes were a bit flawed. However, many fans agreed that it all came together near the end when the show created the Guardians of the Multiverse and saw an epic clash in which characters like Gamora, Thor, and Captain Carter came together to face a multiverse threat.

4 Kid Cosmic (2021-present) – 7.9 – Streaming on Netflix

Craig McCracken is one of the most notable names in animation, as he created characters like The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, while also having a track record in 2 stupid dogs and Dexter’s Laboratory. In 2021, he tried his hand at superheroes with Cosmic child.

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The premise is pretty simple, following a boy who is given superpowers that he must use to fight evil, but the series shines thanks to its supporting characters and animation style that feels like a retro comic. Although it just premiered in early 2021, two seasons have already come out and a third and final one is on the way.

3 The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010-2012) – 8.3 – Stream on Disney +

A few years before United Avengers became a series, the Marvel team was brought to the small screen in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Initially, the show focused on the original group of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Giant-Man, and The Wasp, but later other heroes were brought in.

Like the follow-up series, it was about Marvel characters that had yet to make their way into movies like Skrulls, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Doom, and more. Fans were quite disappointed with the news that it had not been renewed for season 3 and would be replaced by United Avengers, although that program worked quite well.

2 Harley Quinn (2019-Present) – 8.5 – Broadcast on HBO Max

Although superhero cartoons mostly seem aimed at children, it is actually those aimed at adults that have performed the best from a critical point of view. DC Harley quinn It’s just that kind of series, centered around the titular villain as he leaves The Joker and seeks to form his own band of baddies.

The series has been praised for everything from the voice acting (Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, and Alan Tudyk lead the way) to the animation style, but the highlight is how the iconic characters are presented in a different way. That includes a maniac Jim Gordon and the hilarious comet man. Plus, audiences love the central romance between Harley and Poison Ivy.

1 Invincible (2021-present) – 8.7 – Streaming on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime first made gritty superhero waves with Boys but they took it to the next level with Invincible. The animation format allowed the show to do things that wouldn’t be possible without an absurd budget in live action, including one particular ending scene involving a train accident and hundreds of dead bodies.

The show follows Mark, a teenager who gains super powers and becomes the titular superhero. As he teams up with other heroes to fight villains, he also learns that his father, a beloved hero, is actually the most ruthless villain of all. Things culminated in shocking fashion to wrap up a debut season that people were talking about for months.

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