Why Amy Slaton Was Accused Of Scamming Her Fans

Amy and Tammy Slaton have built a huge fan base thanks to their appearances on 1000 pound sistersBut reality stars haven’t always had a perfect relationship with their fans. Before the Slaton sisters had their own television series, Amy and Tammy were known to be embroiled in controversy from time to time. Here’s everything there is to know about a major scandal that caused 1000 pound sisters amateurs accuse Amy of fraud.

Long before Amy and Tammy began their weight loss journey at TLC, the sister duo were prominent on YouTube. Amy She began her career as an entertainer with her YouTube channel in January 2011 and has earned more than 48 million views to her channel as of this writing. Typically, Amy’s videos would consist of challenges, makeup tutorials, and stories. Amy is known for her scandalous stories which include her explaining the incident that led to her arrest in 2010. Unfortunately, a 2015 Amy story did not go as well as it eventually led fans to believe that she was scamming them for their money. .

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In a now-deleted vlog shared by Amy, which was reposted by a YouTube user Primink (video below), the 1000 pound sisters star emotionally share: “Yesterday, at 10 in the morning, Tammy went to the hospital. She has pneumonia and cannot breathe.” Amy reveals more about Tammy’s seemingly tragic state while holding back tears. It’s no secret that Tammy has struggled with her health, but Amy’s video takes a turn when she asks her millions of viewers for financial help. Amy continues, “If everyone could donate a penny, five, ten cents, I’d be so happy.” Amy then allegedly created a GoFundMe for her fans to send her money to pay for Tammy’s funeral expenses. Specifically, Amy wanted to buy an oversized casket for Tammy. What 1000 pound sisters The public knows well, however, Tammy never passed away from the disease that Amy convinced fans that would surely take her life.

While fans of the Slaton sisters were happy to hear that tammy was still aliveThose who donated to Amy’s GoFundMe page felt cheated. Although Amy took down the GoFundMe page after news broke of Tammy’s survival, Primink claims more than $ 1,000 was raised for the reality star’s funeral costs. What’s worse, Amy posted a video hanging out with Tammy at her house a couple of days later. In a new video, Tammy looked brand new and showed no signs of recovering from a drastic battle with pneumonia. While it is unclear what exactly happened to Tammy at the hospital, fans felt Amy lied to them, as they were apparently led to believe that Tammy had no path to recovery. If Amy hadn’t claimed that her sister was nearly dead, her fans wouldn’t have donated money for a coffin that the sisters didn’t end up needing.

Generally, Amy is the trusted sister that fans support behind in 1000 pound sisters, but his past controversy casts doubt on his character. While Amy may have believed her sister’s life couldn’t be saved, fans who donated money to the reality star’s premature GoFundMe agree that it was wrong for the sister to allegedly take her money for a funeral that never happened. . Hopefully Amy can rekindle a trusting relationship with her. 1000 pound sisters fan base in the future.

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Sources: Amy slaton/Youtube, Primink/Youtube

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