10 best summoner armor sets

With TerrariaSince the Summoner class is a more viable option for gamers in the most recent updates, the class has become a much more popular option for full games. Some players who never played as Summoner are now willing to give it a try or even become pure Summoners.

But since this class has recently become one of the best options, many players may not know which armor sets to wear. In a brutal game like Terraria where players can easily find themselves dead if they’re not careful, the right armor gear is important to finish it off.

10 Shinobi infiltrator armor

The Shinobi Infiltrator Armor is an excellent set for Summoners who want to focus on some of the Terrariabetter weapons like his whips and sentries. With increased melee damage, speed, and critical strike chance, the summoner’s whips can become absolutely deadly. The 60% increased minion damage and three additional sentry slots also make any sentry’s power formidable. This set is especially helpful to Lightning Aura Sentinels by increasing their speed, size, and critical strike chance.

But the amount of work required to obtain this armor set may not be worth it. Since it is part of the difficult Old One’s Army event, the player can only obtain these armor pieces by completing the event and purchasing them from Tavernkeep using 225 defender medals. Also, by the time this armor set is unlocked in hard mode, the player will likely already have access to better alternatives.

9 Bee armor

As with various open world games like Oxide, there are optional battles that players can decide to do. One of the optional bosses in pre-hard mode is the Queen Bee boss found in Bee Hives within Underground Jungle. If the queen bee is defeated twice, the player will have enough beeswax to create the bee armor set. With increased minion damage by 23%, two additional minion slots, and the fact that Bee Queen is one of the easiest bosses in the game, it can definitely be a powerful pre-hard armor to get easily.

But because the queen bee is an optional boss and bee hives can be difficult to find, players can enter hard mode without even fighting the queen bee, and the armor set will be replaced by others in hard mode. Also, if the player has managed to craft an obsidian armor set, then this set is a downgrade.

8 Flinx coat

Even before fighting the Eye of Cthulhu boss in pre-hard mode, the player can create the Flinx Coat, which is unique in that it is just one piece rather than a complete set. If the player entered the underground ice biome to make a staff of Flinx for their animal companion of Flinx, one of the best in video games, then they can also easily obtain the materials needed to create this. With increased minion damage by 5% and extra space for minions, this armor is perfect for the first hard modes.

While armor only provides one defense, it can be combined with other armor pieces to add more defense. But players can easily skip this armor entirely if they gain access to one of the other armor prior to hard mode.

7 Tiki Armor

If the player has already defeated Plantera, they can purchase the Witch Doctor’s Tiki Armor Set for one platinum and fifty gold coins. While this may sound like a lot of money, the player is likely to have even more money at this point in the game, so it’s not necessarily a difficult purchase. Since the full set gives the player four additional minion slots, the player can possibly have a total of 10 summoned minions when combined with other perks and accessories. The only problem is that by the time the player can obtain this armor, they will already have access to a stronger armor set: Spooky Armor. Because of this, it may not be worth the cost.

6 Stardust Armor

The Stardust Armor Set is the most powerful Summoner Armor set in the game, crafted from 36 Luminite Bars and 45 Stardust Fragments. This set offers players 38 defense, five additional minion slots, 66% increased minion damage, and a powerful Stardust Guardian minion that doesn’t take up any minion slots.

As the final summoner armor in the game, it is truly an unmatched powerhouse. But it can only be obtained after defeating the final boss, which makes it not as useful as other armor, as the player has already won the game.

5 Spider armor

After defeating the Wall of Flesh and entering hard mode, the first thing Summoner players need to do to ensure they can survive hard mode early is to enter a spider biome. In this biome, the player can obtain the materials to make some of Terraria’s best Summoner minions, such as the Spider Staff, the Queen Spider Staff., and Spider Armor. With the three additional minion slots, 28% more minion damage, and 20 defense, this set is an essential set for early hard mode.

Although the player will have to kill a lot of Black Recluses to obtain enough Spider Fangs to make this set, it is well worth it while the player searches for the new minerals. Also, summoners will already be farming these creatures so they can make the staves anyway.

4 Creepy armor

Instead of purchasing the Tiki Armor after defeating Plantera, players can make a Pumpkin Moon Medallion and invoke the Pumpkin Moon event. If the player defeats enough Splinterlings and Mourning Wood during the event to obtain 750 Spooky Wood, then they can make the Spooky Armor set.

While this armor has the same amount of minion slots as the Tiki armor and has five fewer defenses, it has 58% more minion damage and 20% more movement speed, making it one of the best. Summoner armor from the game. The only problem is that the player needs to know how to craft the medallion and get through this possibly difficult event.

3 Forbidden armor

If the player doubles as a Summoner and Magic class, then this Hardmode armor could be the best possible armor for the entire game. Along with the 26 defense slots and two additional minion slots, this armor set also gives the player 80 more mana, a 15% mana cost reduction, and a 25% magic and summoning damage increase. Similar to the Stardust Armor, the player also gets a free additional minion called the Forbidden Sign that the player can use to summon a sand tornado that attacks enemies.

But to get this armor set, the player must encounter a sandstorm, which is a random event that is easy to miss. Within the sandstorm, the player must defeat the sand elementals, as these tough enemies drop the forbidden shards needed to create the set.

2 Obsidian armor

Obsidian armor is a true hidden gem within the summoner armor list. While this is pre-hard armor, it can still be a viable option for the entire game. 31% increased minion damage, 35% increased whip speed, 50% longer whip range, and additional space for minions make it better than many of the Hard Mode armor sets . Although this means fewer minions, this can be fixed by using accessories that increase minion capacity. With this set eliminating many of the weaknesses of a whip and being easy to do, it makes up for the low defense of the set.

1 Holy armor (hooded)

Even considering some of the later options, the Holy Armor Set with the Hood Helmet is overall the best summoner armor in the game. First of all, it’s easy to do, as the player only needs to kill two of the mechanical bosses on hard mode to make enough holy bars. Second, the player has three additional minion slots, 10% more minion damage, and 7% more damage overall.

With the Holy Protection buff allowing players to dodge an enemy’s next attack and 27 defense, this armor may not be as strong as the Obsidian set, but it does provide much more protection. Also, melee problems can be solved by using melee reinforcement accessories.


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