All heroes Darkseid has defeated (including Snyder’s Knightmare)

The Apocalyptian warlord Darkseid has killed numerous heroes in the DCEU, as shown in Zack Snyder’s Justice Leagueespecially in his hypothetical future Knightmare, but who are all the heroes he defeated? The DCEU has created Darkseid to be the ultimate villain. Like a new god Darkseid is extremely powerful and megalomaniac and has conquered thousands of worlds in his lifetime, subjugating planets in his quest for power and the Anti-Life Equation. In a potential future, Darkside succeeds, adding Earth to his list of conquered worlds and ultimately obtaining the Anti-Life Equations, destroying the Justice League in more ways than one.

As shown in a flashback sequence, Darkseid visited Earth once before, discovering that the world had the Anti-Life Equation. In a massive battle against humanity and Earth’s greatest defenders, Darkseid was defeated, leaving Earth without the Anti-Life Equation. For millennia, Darkseid continued to conquer worlds, almost returning to Earth via a boom tube in League of Justice when Superman’s death activated the Mother Boxes. The Knightmare, a possible future Glimpsed by Batman and Cyborg shows a victorious Darkseid who, with the Anti-Life Equation, destroys the Justice League and takes over Earth, leaving a sinister Superman-led Regime in charge.

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Darkseid desires the Anti-Life Equation because it would become his most useful tool in future conquests. The Anti-Life Equation is an all-powerful cosmic formula that can remove free will from any being, allowing Darkseid to turn his greatest opponents into minions. Darkseid’s takeover of the equation and Knightmare’s subsequent future were originally going to be represented in Zack Snyder’s plan. League of Justice aftermath. The films are unlikely to be released, but Snyder stated that the final film would have seen Batman DCEU ending include him sacrificing himself to prevent Darkseid from getting the equation, thus avoiding the Knightmare and subsequent deaths of the Justice League heroes.

In DC Comics, Yalan Gur was a former Green Lantern and one of the first to defend Sector 2814, which includes Earth. Gur was so famous that Oan’s Guardians of the Universe made his ring immune to the weakness of the Green Lantern rings to the color yellow (due to Parallax being trapped within the central green energy battery). Yalan Gur makes his film debut in League of Justice, defending Earth during Darkseid’s first attempt to conquer it. Although he fought bravely, Gur was overpowered by Darkseid, being dismembered and impaled by the Apokoliptian’s polearm. With its wearer dead the Green Lantern DCEU ring flies into space to find a successor, just as Abin Sur’s would millennia later, finding Hal Jordan. Since Gur’s death did not occur in Knightmare, his is the only death that cannot be undone in Snyder’s planned aftermath.

During Cyborg’s vision of the Knightmare in League of Justice, a deceased Wonder Woman is shown at the beginning of the vision. On her funeral pyre, Queen Hippolyta is shown mourning the loss of her daughter. Also visible is Darkseid, arriving at Wonder Woman’s funeral in an Apokoliptian container. Considering how powerful Wonder Woman is and Darkseid’s appearance, the Apokoliptian warlord is likely the one who killed her. The end of Wonder Woman in DCEU She is also notable as she is the first to appear dead in Cyborg’s vision, proving that she was one of the greatest threats to Darkseid and one of the first to die from this.

The next death shown in Cyborg’s Knightmare vision was Aquaman. Darkseid is shown dominating the King of Atlantis in his throne room, impaling Arthur with his second trident and simultaneously disintegrating Vulko, Aquaman’s Atlantean mentor. Aquaman notably dies with Atlan’s Trident, rather than Atlanna’s trident, which Arthur used for the remainder of the film. The original owner of the three-bladed weapon, Atlan, fought Darkseid with his famous weapon during the original Apocalyptian invasion of Earth. Mera then wields Aquaman’s trident., when he joins Batman’s insurgency.

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While Superman wasn’t directly killed by Darkseid, everything he stood for and believed in was. On the Knightmare stage, Lois Lane dies, breaking Superman’s heart and weakening his resolve. Taking advantage of this, Darkseid uses the Anti-Life Equation on him, annihilating Clark’s free will and reducing him to a brainwashed pawn. With his old self gone, Superman became little more than a puppet of Darkseid, imposing his will on the conquered and terraformed Earth, fighting against everything he had once stood for. Unlike Injustice video games that inspired the Knightmare sequence, the DCEU’s Superman is fundamentally incapable of becoming a villain, despite Batman’s correct thoughts on Superman in BvS. Zack Snyder’s Superman, like the comic version he’s based on, is an inherently good person who would have remained a hero even if he had lost those he loved the most.

A formidable Green Lantern veteran, Kilowog’s body is shown towards the end of Cyborg’s Knightmare vision. Kilowog has a large hole burned into his chest, strongly implying that a brainwashed Superman killed him with his heat vision. Since Superman is essentially killed in Knightmare, becoming an extension of Darkseid’s will, Kilowog is indirectly killed by Darkseid through Superman. In DC Comics, Kilowog is a close friend and frequent associate of the famous human Green Lantern Hal Jordan. It is unknown if Hal became the Green Lantern in Zack Snyder’s plans for the future of Knightmare, but it probably will at some point in the main DCEU.

The first time viewers see the Knightmare stage is in a vision that Bruce Wayne sees in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman helps create the Insurgency, gathering several superheroes and supervillains who survived Darkseid’s attack and mind control. At Dawn of Justice vision, Batman is captured and brutally executed by a brainwashed Superman, ending Darkseid’s conquest of Earth. In the planned (but unreleased) sequels of Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueBatman is directly killed by Darkseid. Bruce saves the life of Lois Lane and prevents Knightmare from becoming reality, and kills Darkseid as he dies from the warlord’s Omega Rays. Although he saves Earth and countless other worlds from Darkseid’s conquests, Batman is one of the few heroes Darkseid defeats in the main two. DCEU and the Knightmare.

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