Marvel Champions: 10 Strongest Heroes, Ranked

Marvel Champions allows players to step into the shoes of several famous Marvel heroes, but the game’s deck-building rules mean that it can be difficult to assess the effectiveness of a given character. While each comes with fifteen cards that they must include in their deck for all games, players select the other 25-35 from an ever-growing pool of basic and skin cards.

This deck-building method helps prevent power loss, and it also means that some initially disappointing characters have become much more playable. It is also important to remember that Marvel Champions plays very differently in single player mode compared to multiplayer. While the more focused characters struggle to do everything themselves, they are still power-ups when teammates can help cover their weaknesses.

10 Thor

Thor may be one of the strongest Avengers in most Marvel media, but fans didn’t respond very positively to the initial release of the God of Thunder in Marvel Champions. While most heroes have a certain level of versatility built into their hero decks that allows them to explore various playstyles, the only thing Thor did right was kill minions.

However, since Thor’s release, a number of minion-laden villains and assault cards have been released that synergize with minion slaughter. Thor’s relatively limited playstyle still makes him a poor pick for solo games, but he now has enough tools available to make him a force to be reckoned with in multiplayer.

9 Iron Man

When up and running, Iron Man is an incredibly powerful character. The challenge for many players is that it takes multiple turns to prepare Tony Stark for combat. Unsurprisingly, Iron Man is all about updates. While his base stats are low, various tech upgrades boost Iron Man’s stats far above any other character in the game.

Because he can get upgrades more quickly in the alter-ego form, many players prefer to put him in the Justice skin. This allows Tony to deal with the construction of threat levels that come from staying in the alter ego.

8 Spiderman

Like his comedic counterpart, Peter Parker is a hero whose villains struggle to achieve success. Spider-Man may have come pre-paired with a Justice deck in the Marvel Champions basic set, but shines in multiplayer games in Protection membership. Spider-Man’s basic defense of three means he can tank multiple hits with his normal defense, so he pairs well with cards like Indomitable or Expert Defense that get him ready after defending against an attack. His backflip hero card is fantastic too, allowing him to take zero damage from an attack regardless of his strength.

7 Quicksilver

Pietro Maximoff is one of the fastest men in the world, and his incredible speed is reflected in Marvel Champions for their ability to prepare after performing a basic action. While this is good for attacking or foiling twice, it also means that you can defend without sacrificing actions on your next turn.

Quicksilver also has a useful alter-ego ability, Powerpuff Brothers, which allows him to discard two cards to draw two. This is a great way to scour the dead cards for something more useful, and you can draw a third card if Scarlet Witch is also in play.

6 Gamora

Gamora is one of the bravest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and is also one of the most popular characters in Marvel Champions. Gamora is one of the few heroes who can include multi-skinned cards in her deck. This twist makes her a versatile character who can adapt to different villains and schemes.

Gamora’s great advantage is that she deals free damage when playing a foiled event and thwarts a threat when she plays an attack event (once per turn for each). This ability is great in solo games where enemy health and schematic threat limits are low, but it’s a bit less shocking in multiplayer games as power / foil doesn’t scale per player like enemies do.

5 Captain America

Captain America was one of the first character packs released for Marvel Champions, and he immediately established himself as a powerhouse for both solo and group play. This is true for the Marvel Comics version of Captain America, who ranks as the best Avenger due to his masterful fighting prowess.

Steve Rogers isn’t the best character at anything in the game, but he’s good at absolutely everything. With the unpredictability in Marvel Champions, the lack of a glaring weakness means that Captain America players rarely find themselves in a bad match. Steve can also start each game with his famous vibranium shield, so he’s very consistent and can jump into action right away on turn one.

4 Spider woman

There have been more since its release, but Spider-Woman, in any of her abundant alternate versions, was the first character to use multi-skin cards simultaneously. Using multiple skins gives you incredible versatility and allows you to thrive in solo or multiplayer games.

His low base stats may seem like a debuff, but he gets +1 to his Attack, Postponement, and Defense for each different aspect he plays a card each turn. While this means that the occasional lousy draw can leave her limping temporarily, it’s not very difficult to raise her stats to average or more.

3 Ant Man

Ant-Man and the Wasp were the first two heroes to have more than two forms. While they both have standard hero and alter-ego sides, their character cards unfold to reveal a second hero form. Ant-Man has proven to be the more versatile of the two Pym-powered heroes, and he excels with several cool character cards that take advantage of his tiny and giant forms.

Army of Ants (of which Scott has three in his hero deck) allows players to deal damage to anything per turn per card. While this doesn’t sound like much, it does allow Ant Man to ping to defeat enemies or take out low-health minions without using his basic actions. Ant-Man’s helmet is also fantastic, allowing him to draw a card or heal each time he changes hero form.

2 Poison

Fans were excited and confused when data leaks showed Venom was going to launch amid various Guardians of the Galaxy packs, but it made a bit more sense when this character was revealed to be the Venom symbiote’s host Flash Thompson. . , who spent a little time with the Guardians.

Venom focuses on the use of weapons, and its unique Multi-Gun offers players several detrimental and frustrating options. Venom’s ability to generate a wild resource in exchange for taking damage means that Flash can play more cards per turn than most heroes, and Project Rebirth 2.0 allows him to draw or heal each time he turns to his alter-ego. .

1 Dr strange

When he was released, Dr. Strange was the strongest character in the game and nothing has changed in the 15 months since. The Sorceror Supreme’s unique trick is its summoning deck, a set of five spells that exist apart from your standard hero deck. You can only play the top card and it must be depleted after using a spell, but your deck contains several ways to alternate cards, prepare, or reuse spells more than once in a row.

The upshot is that Strange wants to use most of his resources to play spell cards, so his choice of appearance is relatively inconsequential. One powerful option is to play Protection and fill your deck with healing cards to avoid having to turn to your alter-ego too often.

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