Why Kingpin is the perfect villain for Hawkeye

Enthusiasm for Hawkeye It’s constantly being built ahead of its November 2021 premiere, but the addition of Kingpin as the series’ villain would take the MCU series to a whole new level. Kingpin was the critically acclaimed Netflix main villain Reckless series, where Vincent D’Onofrio played him tremendously, but because that show hasn’t officially become part of MCU canon, the infamous villain has yet to formally appear in the franchise. This is why Hawkeye it would be the perfect place to bring the Kingpin back.

Traditionally, the Kingpin, whose real name is Wilson Fisk, is portrayed as a gigantic mob boss, whose physical strength is only matched by his tenacity and strategic prowess. As a primarily New York resident, he has faced numerous Marvel superheroes over the years, with particular rivalries set against Spider-Man and Daredevil. As a criminal mastermind and agent of the power of the underworld, Kingpin has been instrumental in numerous plots throughout the Marvel comics. On the Netflix Reckless On the show, Kingpin is portrayed as surprisingly brutal and quietly intellectual, a version of the character that has earned high praise from critics and audiences alike.

D’Onofrio has repeatedly said that he would love to play Wilson Fisk in the MCU one more time, and Hawkeye it would be the perfect place for the villain to return. The show is set in New York City, and it appears to be, at least partially, about gangsters who want revenge on Clint for his time as Ronin, making it easy for the Kingpin to participate in the story. Additionally, the show will bring Marvel’s character Echo (Alaqua Cox), Fisk’s adopted daughter in the comics, to the MCU, creating multiple ways that Kingpin could enter the story of Hawkeye.

Unfortunately, the odds of Kingpin actually returning to the MCU in Hawkeye they are small. There have been no actual rumors of D’Onofrio returning for the series, nor has any news come out regarding the cast of a new star taking on the role. Plus, Black widow created Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine and Yelena Belova as Hawkeye’s great antagonistic forces, or at least like some of them. It could be that Disney is simply keeping Kingpin’s return a secret, as it seems perfectly suited to the story of the Hawkeye show, but viewers will most likely have to wait a bit longer before seeing the villain on screen again.

If Kingpin became Hawkeye’s Secret villain, however, would be a glorious return, especially if D’Onofrio were brought back to play the baddie. Since the history of Hawkeye will focus primarily on Clint and Kate Bishop fighting the enemies of Ronin, the vigilante identity that Hawkeye later created Avengers: infinity war. Ronin defeated many gangsters, so it is more than likely that he would have disrupted the Kingpin’s criminal operations quite severely. Does that mean Fisk will be back? Not necessarily, but D’Onofrio’s Kingpin somehow ends up being the main villain of Hawkeye, it would be a great time for MCU Phase 4.


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