Mysa for AC Review – Elegant Addition to the Smart AC Controller Arena

Mysa makes one of our favorite smart thermostats for high voltage heating, and now they have brought to the market an excellent air conditioning controller. the Mysa smart thermostat for air conditioners It competes directly with the best products we’ve tested, including Sensibo Air.

Elegant and easy to configure

Mysa’s new controller looks a lot like a smaller version of the company’s thermostat for high-voltage heaters. The sleek and minimal design uses an LED display to display only the necessary data, via numbers or emoji-like symbols and arrows. It is a simple and intuitive interface that gives users the option to control their AC from the Mysa device or, more likely, from the application. It is intended to replace the remote control that came with your window or portable air conditioner (or mini-split ductless heat pumps). The device is compatible with a wide range of air conditioners, but must check the company’s website to make sure yours is on the list.

This review is part of TechHive’s coverage of the best smart thermostats, where you will find reviews of competing offerings, as well as a buyer’s guide on the features to consider when purchasing this type of product.

The Mysa can be taped to a wall or supported on a countertop using the included base. It uses the same application as the other thermostat of the company, which has an intuitive and uncluttered interface. You’ll first need to connect your A / C unit to the app and controller, a process Mysa has done remarkably straightforward.

mysaac 05 Jason D’Aprile

Mysa offers one of the most attractive and user-friendly ways to make your air conditioning unit smarter and more connected.

If this is your first Mysa product, you will need to go through the usual process of setting up an account with the app and creating your “home”, which is where the device will be used. This also ensures that you can use more advanced features, such as geofencing, which automatically controls your air conditioner based on your location.

From there, add the new controller and pair your CA with it. This is done by selecting the brand of the air conditioning unit and the modes it supports (cool, heat, fan, etc.). The pairing process consists largely of pointing the AC remote control at the Mysa and then pressing the power button. As long as the controller is compatible with your air conditioning unit, this is it. It worked flawlessly in our tests and only took a moment.

mysaac application 04 Jason D’Aprile / IDG

The Mysa app allows you to control temperature, AC modes, and fan modes with just one touch.

The Mysa keeps track of the room temperature and humidity, along with the target temperature you have set. However, you do not have options to use humidity as a comfort control factor. The main screen of the app shows all of this, with mode and fan setting buttons clearly to the right of the set temperature, and up and down arrows to change the current temperature. Once the hardware is set up, you can choose to use the geofencing feature to have Mysa set the room to a certain temperature for when you get home, set an automated schedule, or just control it manually.

The programming interface, like the rest of the application, is easy to use. Choose the time and days for the change to occur, AC mode, fan speed, and target temperature. You can create multiple changes per day or have totally different schedules for specific days. There are also general Home, Away, and Vacation modes that relate to the geofence.

Mysa offers perfect functionality

Once set up, the Mysa ran smoothly, sticking to the schedule we set without a hitch. The app can also connect to Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit, allowing you to check the room temperature and easily change the temperature from those devices or use their apps to create general smart routines for that room.

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