Which stretchy hero is stronger?

While there are several superheroes blessed with the amazing power of stretch, two of the most iconic stretch comic book heroes are One piece Monkey D. Luffy and the The Fantastic Four Leader Mr. Fantastic. Naturally, since her powers are based on her ability to stretch and contort in non-worldly ways, the question is, whose is the strongest stretching ability.

Neither Luffy nor Mr. Fantastic were born with their powers. Instead, each assumed their powers as a result of an external event. In Luffy’s case, that event occurred when he ate the “Gum-Gum Fruit” as a child. As a result of eating the fruit, Luffy’s body was left in a rubber-like state that allowed

him to stretch, bend, lengthen and inflate his body. In contrast, Reed Richards’ transformation occurred after he piloted an authorized flight into space with his future wife Sue Storm, his brother, Johnny Storm, and Reed’s college roommate Benjamin Grimm. The flight, which was carried out without adequate protection, was bombarded by gamma radiation. That radiation transformed Reed’s DNA to give him the ability to stretch every part of his body like a rubber band.

On the surface, it might appear that there is little difference in Luffy’s and Mr. Fantastic’s stretchability. The power of elasticity of both Luffy and Mr. Fantastic allows them to reshape their bodies in any way they wish. Additionally, their rubbery consistency makes them immune to most “blunt” attacks, such as a punch, kick, or even a bullet. In addition, their elasticity allows them to transform their bodies into effective weapons. For example, they can both use their bodies to redirect bullets and projectiles towards the shooter. Also, they can both use their bodies to keep warm and prevent others from moving. However, a deeper dive into Luffy’s and Mr Fantastic’s abilities reveals that not all stretching abilities are created equal.

Despite the similarities, there is a crucial metric that separates the top-ranked from the runner-up, namely maximum stretch distance. In fact, how powerful is an elasticity, if the ability to stretch covers only a short distance? In this sense, Luffy comes out as the clear winner. In fact, Luffy has the ability to stretch without restriction. That is, you can stretch as much as you deem necessary to perform the task. In contrast, while there is no official limit to how far Reed can stretch, it has been

showed that there are limits over which Reed can effectively control his stretching abilities. There is a distance where Reed loses his ability to effectively control these parts of the body. Rather, there is no such known limitation for Luffy.

While there is no argument that both Luffy and Mr. The Fantastic Four Mr. Fantastic could use his powers to engulf a villain across the street, most likely One piece Luffy you can do the same from a block or even a city away.


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