How long does it take to beat Far Cry 6?

Players finally get their hands on Far Cry 6, and the most recent entry in the series offers quite a long experience. Far Cry 6 has received pretty good reviews so far, with critics and gamers enjoying the core gameplay experience while acknowledging the similarities to other games in the franchise. The game follows the story of Dani Rojas as they try to take down the evil dictator Anton Castillo and save the fictional country of Yara.

Ubisoft has become known for creating open world experiences that contain a host of activities to engage their fans. Franchises like Watch dogs and The division features open cityscapes filled with story missions and side missions that can keep players busy for hours on end, and the Assassin’s creed The series has evolved from a more linear open world to a full-blown RPG. Very far The titles also fall into the category of open-world adventures, but they set themselves apart from the other Ubisoft franchises by implementing a first-person perspective.

Ubisoft has established quite a significant pattern for Very far games since the launch of Far cry 3. Players are thrown into a land ruled by a vicious dictator and asked to help a group of rebels take back their home, and the game revolves around explosive combat and exploration. Games tend to keep players busy with a good amount of content, and Far Cry 6 seems to be no different.

Far Cry 6 is a moderately long game, with HowLongToBeat polling players in an average of 19 hours just to go over the main story of Dani’s fight against the ruthless Anton Castillo and his forces. Instead, some gamers were drawn to some of the expansive secondary content, bringing the average time to about 26 hours. For those looking to explore every corner of Yara, a full run seems to take around 44.5 hours.

When comparing Far Cry 6’s in length with the rest of the series ‘main games, it narrowly takes the lead as the series’ longest entry so far. Far cry 5 contains the second longest main story at 6 p.m., followed by Far Cry 4 at 17.5 hours, Far cry 2 at 16.5, Far cry 3 at 15.5, and the original Very far just 13.5 hours. Far Cry 6 maintains that advantage over derivative securities Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry Primal Also, they arrive around 2:00 p.m. and 11:00 a.m., respectively. It’s fair to say that Ubisoft has steadily increased the amount of content available in each game as time goes on (outside of the drop between 2 and 3), with Far Cry 6 leveling at the top.

Although it is not as long as a Soulsborne qualification, Far Cry 6 it still seems to offer a decent amount of content to warrant a longer investment. Please note that the amount of time it takes for someone to complete the game will differ from player to player, depending on the difficulty selected and the amount of secondary content the player chooses to experience. Nevertheless, Far Cry 6 it must keep the players busy for many hours.

Source: HowLongToBeat

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