Kourtney and Travis Pack on PDA at Disneyland Fun Date

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker packed the PDA during the keeping up with the Kardashians the star’s latest Disneyland romantic date. For many months now, Kourtney and Travis have continued to show how in love they are despite the criticism they received for being extremely delicate in public. Their last date at Disneyland comes after Scott Disick criticized the couple for packing the PDA while on vacation in Italy. Unfortunately, the couple are not bothered by Scott’s hitting and Travis even used a new reference to describe his love for Kourtney.

Things have been going very well for Kourtney and Travis since they confirmed their relationship earlier this year. They have been showing their romance on social media and during public outings. Their double dates with Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have made them one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. Kourtney and Travis even made their red carpet debut at the VMAs, where Kourtney and Megan performed their boyfriend’s performance on stage together. As they prepare for their first public holiday season together, Kourtney and Travis also paid another visit to Disneyland.

Travis and Kourtney started the week with another trip to Disneyland. “I want your skull” Travis captioned a short video (included below) where he holds Kourtney as they kiss. The caption was a lyric from a Misfits song, and it seems like another one of the Blink-182 drummer’s weird ways of professing his love for Kourtney. He already got her name tattooed on his chest, let her tattoo it, and bought necklaces with matching dog tags. Now, Travis is letting his fans know that his love for Kourtney goes to the skull.

Kourtney responded to the video by adding the rest of the song’s lyrics. “I need your skull“she wrote with a black heart emoji. The heart matched the color the couple wore during their last date at Disneyland. Kourtney and Travis have enjoyed several Disneyland dates since they became public. They have even enjoyed family dates on Disneyland with their two children. Now, the children Disick and Barker are preparing for a combined family Christmas. It will be the first time that Kourtney and Travis celebrate Christmas together as a public couple. Last year, they still kept their romance private.

Sources recently said that Scott has plans to spend Christmas with his children and Kourtney. Yet considering her bitterness over her dating Travis, it’s a wonder how her Christmas season will turn out. Kourtney and Scott haven’t been on good terms after they caught him DMing Younes Bendjima to badmouth Kourtney for kissing Travis in public. the keeping up with the Kardashians The alumni still have three children to parent, but if Scott isn’t willing to get over Kourtney dating Travis, that could be a challenge for everyone to come together as a family.

Source: Travis barker/ Instagram


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