MacBook Pro 2021 to get a huge screen refresh with a 120Hz refresh rate

Appleexpected to announce its 2021 Macbook Pro next Monday, and with just a few days to go, a new report claims the computer will have a buttery-smooth 120Hz refresh rate. Apple recently announced its next hardware event will take place on October 18. The motto of the event is ‘Unleashed’, and the general consensus is that the star of the show will be the new line of MacBook Pro.

According to the latest rumors, the 2021 MacBook Pro sounds like a beast. Apple is expected to launch two models, including a new 14-inch version and an update to the 16-inch model. Both sizes are said to have thinner bezels than previous models, additional ports, no Touch Bar, and Apple’s next generation of internal silicon (called the M1X or M2). While the current MacBook Pro M1 is still an amazing computer, it sounds like this latest generation. is what the fans have been waiting for.

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Just a few days before the new MacBook is likely to be announced, a new rumor has made the next laptop even more exciting. According to a tweet from display analyst Ross Young, the new MacBook Pro is “100% confirmed” to have mini-LED display technology, the same type of panel that is used in the iPad Pro 2021. This is something that has been suggested repeatedly about the laptop, and Young’s Tweet makes it much more secure than the mini -LED is a key feature. What’s especially exciting is Young’s comment that a 120Hz refresh rate is also expected.

In his full Tweet, Young says the following: “The panel vendors are the same between the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro: LG Display and Sharp. Similar technology is expected: oxide backplates, miniLED backlight and refresh rates of 120Hz. MiniLED, 100% confirmed “. When asked if 120Hz was not confirmed for the MacBook Pro, Young responded with: “We think it will be 120 Hz. If you get different information, we will publish it.” That suggests that 120Hz isn’t as safe a bet as the mini-LED, although the feature seems highly likely according to Young.

Assuming all of this is true, 120Hz would be a massive upgrade for the MacBook Pro. As we’ve seen on other devices over the years, 120Hz allows for much smoother scrolling, animations, and overall interactions compared to a standard 60Hz display. . The iPad Pro 2018 was the first Apple device to implement the technology, followed by the iPhone 13 Pro that was released last month. Given that Apple’s iPad and iPhone Pro are both 120Hz, it only makes sense that the MacBook Pro will eventually get the same treatment.

Fortunately, there isn’t much to wait before Apple confirms whether or not any of this is true. Next week’s event begins at 10:00 am PDT on October 18 and will be streamed for free on Apple’s website. 120Hz would be an incredible addition to this year’s MacBook Pro, but even if it doesn’t make the cut, it still looms as an exciting launch.

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