Timeline of Rory and Christopher’s relationship, season by season

From the pilot of Gilmore girls, It’s clear that Lorelai has done an amazing job raising Rory on her own, making life full of lessons but still a lot of fun. When Rory’s father, Christopher Hayden, visits Stars Hollow in season 1, viewers begin to learn of their complicated connection. Chris loves his daughter and prides himself on how smart and ambitious she is, but he can’t seem to get this parenting thing right no matter how hard he tries.

By examining how well Rory gets along with his father in each season of Gilmore Girls, their love for each other and the hope that their relationship improves becomes apparent, albeit in the rebirth of Netflix A year in the lifeIt feels like they’ve become almost like strangers to each other.

8 Season 1: Rory is hopeful about his father / daughter relationship

A lots of Gilmore Girls Fans believe Christopher is getting worse, but when he appears in season 1, he seems sweet, charming, and interested in having a close connection with Rory. In the episode “Christopher Returns”, he joins up with his daughter, has fun getting to know Stars Hollow and, before leaving town, even tells Lorelai that they should get married.

This is a good season for Rory and Christopher, as Rory is hopeful and optimistic that they can stay close this time. Fans learn that Chris has not always been in Rory’s life and that he is not the most mature or trustworthy father. It’s heartbreaking to see how much Rory wants her dad to be around and fans can say it won’t be that easy.

7 Season 2: Rory and Christopher get closer

Season 2 is a turning point for Rory and Christopher, as they seem to be putting in a real effort. In “Introducing Lorelai Gilmore,” he is by Rory’s side when she is part of a debutante ball, and in “It should have been Lorelai,” Christopher’s new partner, Sherry Tinsdale, wants to meet Rory.

Although Rory and his father grow closer in season 2, Lorelai is always worried that he will disappear again, and viewers are very uncomfortable with this relationship all the time. It never feels like Rory and Chris are on solid ground and while he means well, he never has the stable presence that Rory needs.

6 Season 3: Rory gets used to Christopher being a dad again

While the Christopher / Lorelai / Luke love triangle is a constant and dramatic presence in Gilmore GirlsIt looks like Chris and Sherry could pull it off by the time Rory and Lorelai go to their baby shower in “Take the Deviled Eggs …”

As Christopher prepares for this huge life change, Rory gets used to his father having another child, and for once it seems the father and daughter are in a better and happier situation. Viewers can see that Rory has an important role in this baby’s life and it seems like things could turn out happily ever after.

5 Season 4: Rory and Christopher feel more estranged than ever

Rory and Christopher’s relationship reaches another turning point in season 4 of the popular series.

While Rory’s entire life changes as he moves home to Yale and gets used to tough classes, being with his classmates all the time, and living with Paris Geller, Christopher doesn’t appear much in these episodes. It doesn’t seem like Rory’s dad is interested in her college life and it’s a heartbreaking understanding. While Christopher may be overwhelmed by the new fatherhood, it’s also strange and confusing that he’s not really close to Rory here.

4 Season 5: Rory worries about his parents

Season 5 is difficult for Christopher, as Sherry abandons him and his daughter Gigi. Rory has to be the mother here once again as she maturely and wisely asks Christopher to leave Lorelai alone so she can finally be happy with Luke Danes.

This is a sad bunch of episodes for Rory and Christopher, as Rory feels guilty for asking his father this question, and when Christopher’s own father passes away, he realizes that he needs Lorelai more than ever. Christopher can be clingy Gilmore Girls But this is a time when your emotional and sensitive state makes sense.

3 Season 6: Christopher Saves the Day with Money

When Christopher starts paying for Yale in season 6, it’s bittersweet. He can’t really buy Rory’s affection, and he won’t fix all the time they didn’t spend together, but it feels like the right thing to do. This season also stands out because Logan and Christopher meet correctly in the episode “You’ve Been Gilmored” and Chris tries to be a tough dad, saying he wants to make sure Rory lives somewhere nice.

At this point in the series, it’s clear that Rory and Christopher will never be very close and that they probably won’t be able to repair the relationship they never had a chance to have. But there seems to be more hope than ever, with Chris spending more time with Rory and at Yale.

2 Season 7: Rory Sees His Parents Reunion

Season 7 sees Rory’s parents getting engaged to each other, but there are reasons Christopher and Lorelai are getting divorced. Rory is upset that her parents got married without wanting her to be there, which is fair, but she does her best to show support for them.

Fans can tell that Rory has a lot of complicated emotions about his mom and dad’s marriage. It must make him think of what it might have been, since he had long since given up on their meeting. Rory is mature and smart here, and he wants them to make the right choice and be happy.

1 A year in the life: Rory and Christopher have a hard heart to heart

Christopher and Rory finally have an argument at A year in the life that fans will always remember. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s impossible not to feel emotional as you look back, and it also feels like Rory has accepted not being around his father.

While writing the book based on her life and childhood, Rory visits Christopher at the office and asks if Lorelai is a single mother. Christopher says, “I think that was exactly what was supposed to happen. And I think [Lorelai] I would back up on that. “It’s hard for Rory not to feel hurt and abandoned by his father’s words, as he sounds defeated and resigned to the fact that Lorelai would always have a greater presence in Rory’s life. Based on this scene, he feels that Christopher never wanted to. being too close to Rory, and it’s hard not to wonder what it could have been.


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