Cast of season 3 ranked by villain status

Given that The Chantel family Season 3 premiered recently, it’s a great time to rank the season’s most troublesome cast members. Viewers know that the Jimeno and Everett families have had tough times over the years. Chantel and Pedro Jimeno faced the tension generated by their respective in-laws, while the friends of both families have also caused drama in the 90 day fiancé ex student. Learn how The Chantel family The cast members of season 3 pile up when it comes to memorable misbehavior.

When Pedro and Chantel first appeared in 90 day fiancéChantel’s family was deeply suspicious of Pedro’s intentions with the Atlanta beauty. Chantel’s parents, Karen and Thomas Everett, eventually accepted Pedro, though the Everett family later attacked the now-wife of Royal Everett’s son, Angenette Everett. The season 3 premiere revealed that Angenette and Royal will not be participating. The Chantel family, and the couple are not speaking to the rest of the Everett family at this time.

While Chantel’s family is known for bringing drama, Pedro’s family is the same. Pedro’s mother, Lidia Jimeno, and her sister Nicole Jimeno, have clashed with Chantel on numerous occasions. Meanwhile, Nicole seems to encourage her best friend Coraima Morla to flirt with Pedro, who has been accused of cheating on Chantel with Coraima. Pedro also faces the drama of Nicole’s married boyfriend, Alejandro Padrón, as Lidia and Pedro notoriously dislike Nicole’s partner.

River Everett may have been involved in an infamous fist fight with Pedro that resulted in a family feud, but he’s unlikely to be a major source of drama. He is the least shady member of his family, as the antics of his parents and siblings are more outrageous. While he’s been a softer presence, clips from season 3 show that River could be the next brother in the Everett family to have his love life investigated by Karen. Chantel’s brother is more likely to focus on his career than more confrontations with family members, as River wants to succeed in music.

Thomas received criticism for joining Karen in her crusade against Pedro. However, viewers think that Karen always led the charge, while Thomas simply backed his wife. Thomas may not be perfect, but he seems to want the best for his family. To show how much he doesn’t want the drama, Thomas has even stayed away from social media. Therefore, it is unlikely that Chantel’s father will be at the center of the upcoming conflicts.

Winter Everett is another member of the Everett family who has participated in a drama, although few would say that she is the worst offender. Winter and Chantel had a memorable fight that prompted Winter to throw a few chosen words at her older sister. However, Winter’s anger has been attributed to insecurity rather than revenge. Winter’s biggest drama is her boyfriend Jah, who is more likely to cause trouble than Winter.

Pedro Jimeno tends to focus on fitness and family. However, bad blood between Pedro’s wife, Chantel, and his family has triggered problems that are compounded by Pedro’s poor communication skills. Pedro showed he’s not afraid to get physical when it comes to River, and the next time he will fight Nicole’s boyfriend Alejandro Padron in season 3. Pedro has evolved over the seasons, after starting out as a Everett’s parents’ victim. Now, he’s changing the script by acting like Thomas and Karen, due to his suspicious and nosy behavior with Nicole and Alejandro. However, some viewers think that Pedro is just being a loving but overprotective older brother.

Coraima may be a loyal friend to Nicole, but she has no qualms about meddling in Chantel and Pedro’s marriage. Coraima is openly in love with Pedro, which (according to Nicole) led Pedro and Coraima to sleep together. Coraima appears unapologetic in the Season 3 clips, as she makes it known that Chantel feels threatened by her. Although he is a villain, Coraima is not shaping up to be the greatest villain in The Chantel family.

Alejandro Padrón is another supporting cast member who has earned a reputation as a villain. Nicole’s boyfriend angers her mother and brother over the fact that he is married. Things between Alejandro and Nicole are already uncertain, as she revealed that he is not yet seeking a divorce despite dating her. Alejandro could see his villain status increase due to his upcoming physical altercation with Pedro.

Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) is The Chantel family star, but that hasn’t stopped her from behaving like a villain on numerous occasions. Chantel started the bad blood with Nicole when she infamously carried a misunderstanding of the language too far. He called his sister-in-law “bitch-ass, whore-ass whore. “Chantel also teamed up with Angenette, making her feel awkward in the family, even on Angenette’s wedding day. Chantel is beautiful, but some viewers think her personality needs some work.

While Chantel is to blame for her actions, her arch nemesis Nicole also often behaves in the worst way. It is definitely true that Nicole has been criticized as a bad sister, as she is shown spitefully telling Chantel that Pedro cheated on her with Coraima this season. Nicole bumps into Chantel in a way that viewers consider spoiled, whiny, and immature. Nicole enjoys being at the center of the drama and seems to be fully embracing her upcoming villain status, as she is one of the main antagonists of season 3.

Lidia Jimeno has quickly become a villain in the franchise due to the way she treats Chantel and her own family. Lidia’s actions paint her as a dramatic and nosy mother who is not afraid to interfere in her children’s love lives. Lidia doesn’t like Pedro’s wife, Chantel, and Nicole’s boyfriend, Alejandro. The fact that Alejandro is still married led Lidia to judge Nicole harshly. She disapproves of her daughter’s romantic choices. Many fans think that Lidia behaves even worse than her daughter.

Although The Chantel family shows many cast members that, to bad, the Everett family matriarch Karen takes the cake, and she is the most villainous member of the cast. A lots of 90 day fiancé Karen is considered by fans to be one of the worst moms in the entire extended franchise. Karen lacks all boundaries and respect when it comes to her children’s romantic relationships. The suffocating mother has interfered in Chantel and Royal’s marriages, and now she will intrude on Winter and River’s love life. The Chantel family Viewers are horrified by the way Karen continues to behave, but they keep tuning in.

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